Major Changes We Expect From Electroneum (ETN) In 2019

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Electroneum (ETN) is one of the digitokens held with high regard in the crypto space in terms of its functionality and scalability. The crypto which targets the smartphone market is popularly referred to as the mobile cryptocurrency experienced a surge in user base in the past year.

Currently sitting 60th in terms of market cap, the coin has positioned itself as the leading crypto in the smartphone industry.

The bearish market which has affected most cryptocurrencies in the past month has continued to persist and investors are speculating about which coin can come out stronger. ETN has in the past week witnessed rise in its value up to about 7.4% according to Coinmarketcap.

This upward trend is in sharp contrast with the rest of the market, Electroneum (ETN) continues to prove that it is the future of digital transactions.

The latest release of its mobile wallet on IoS devices is among some of the expected developments to be rolled out in 2019. Here are two major changes we envisage could happen in the coming weeks.

Electroneum (ETN): A Smoother And More Functional Mining Process

Electroneum (ETN) has displayed its innovation towards making the mining process of the coin easier for hodlers. The coin developers target of reaching out to all mobile smartphone users has seen the blockchain incorporate mobile mining.

However, there were certain issues experienced by users last year with regards the mobile miner crashing and Electroneum (ETN) is looking to roll out cloud mining in 2019. The blockchain solution has put a lot of resources into developing a sophisticated cloud mining process.

We expect that by the 2nd quarter of the year, Electroneum (ETN) would release a fully operational cloud mining and updates to its mobile mining process, and this would be greatly beneficial.

Electroneum (ETN) Moving Mainstream As A Result Of KYC Compliance

Electroneum has more credence within the US as the coin became KYC compliant last year. Since the announcement, ETN has gained more legitimacy with mainstream business as the regulations would help reduce the risks of scams within the platform.

Electroneum would most likely use this to position itself in the crypto space as a coin with a large potential and less a liability. Investors are willing to put their money on coins with low risk and high returns, ETN ticks both boxes.

However, it is likely Electroneum witness mass adoption due to its KYC compliant rule in the year 2019 which many have hyped to bring growth to cryptocurrency in general.

Electroneum still has a long way to reach the goal of over 2billion Smartphone users but the recent rise in value and potential updates means that the coin is on the right track in 2019.

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