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Key Reasons Why Electroneum, Sistemkoin Partnership Is A Perfect Match

The coast is clear for Electroneum, and the momentum of the altcoin in achieving the 350+ million smartphone users in revolutionizing the world into digital market place has also been heightened.

All thanks is due to the latest partnership announced by the cryptographic project today. In the early hours of the day, the user-friendly Cryptocurrency that grants users the ability to mine with smart phone, Electroneum, disclosed that it has entered into partnership with a Turkey based crypto exchange platform.

The new partnership will help Electroneum native coin, ETN, go live on SistemKoin. While surfacing on one of the top exchange in Turkey, ETN will now be tradable with BitCoin, Lira and Dollar on the platform.

5 Reasons Sistemkoin And Turkey Is A Great Place For Electroneum

Beyond listing, Electroneum (ETN) has found the Cryptocurrency exchange and its base country as a safe haven that will propel its goals and objective. Below are the five salient reason:

Cryptocurrency awareness

Electronuem stated that more than the U.S, Turkey has higher percentage of people who are aware of Cryptocurrency. Higher than the U.S by 20%, 70% of consumers in Turkey have heard of about Cryptocurrency.

Surely, Turkey is a great place for Cryptocurrency. Therefore, Electroneum would likely get mass adoption in the country ahead of U.S.

Percentage Of Crypto Ownership

Toeing along with the number of people aware of Cryptocurrency, 18% of people in Turkey own Cryptocurrency, whereas, only 8% own Cryptocurrency in the United State. Therefore, of the country’s total population, the percentage of people using crypto for transaction or wealth storage will be higher in Turkey than the latter.

Future Ownership Expectation

In the U.S, it is expected that 21% of the total population will soon own Cryptocurrency, while about 45% in Turkey is envisioned to soon own the digital currency.

Proposed Mass Adoption For Online Transaction

As Cryptocurrency continues to coast the nook and cranny of the world, people are already hoping that digital currency will in the future become the real money used for mundane transactions. As such, 53% of Turkish believe that the virtual currency is the future of online spending, whereas, only 31% of people in the U.S. have believe in the notion.

The Future Of Investment

Lastly, due to the economic challenges some countries around the world are facing, the barriers in executing international transaction, as well as centralization and security, many are hoping the Cryptocurrency will be the best option for investment purpose.

Compare to the United State where 29% of people believe that crypto will be the future of investment, Turkish with strong believe in the opinion are higher by 20%.

In this wise, Electroneum is poised to win big in Turkey considering its uniqueness and the country’s love for digital assets.

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