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A New Bitcoin Will Emerge But Not in Form of Cryptocurrency – Alto Financial Founder

The crypto space is filled with series of diverse predictions and forecasters on the path of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. On this note, a new tone of prediction surfaced where an observer proclaimed that the present Bitcoin (BTC) is going to vanish, giving room for a new one to emerge.

In a crypto sphere jam-packed with many controversies, none has digressed nor prophesied beyond cryptocurrency. Despite the presence of pessimists and prophets of doom, all still revolve around one topic, which is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and it has continued to command the price trend of most digital currencies in the market.

Most crypto enthusiasts believe that cryptocurrency will takeover the finance industry in the future, and Bitcoin (BTC) will lead as US Dollar rules over other fiat currencies globally.

Bitcoin awareness and education is ongoing, and crypto fans are approaching ignorant with the mind of imparting cryptocurrency investment knowledge into them. All these are done in order to push for its mass adoption.

These moves have quite yielded expected result. World’s business tycoons are beginning to delve into cryptocurrency trading, while some are still potential investors of Bitcoin (BTC).

So, with all these travails for success, introducing a new Bitcoin implies a new start, and it is absolutely sure that no one in the crypto space is ready for refresh.

Alexander Leishman Predicts Emergence of a New Bitcoin

Alexander Leishman, founder of Alto Financial, recently shared a surprise tweet about the future of the present Bitcoin.

In Leishman’s prediction, he claimed that the present Bitcoin (BTC) will later cease to exist, preceding the rise of a new Bitcoin but may come not in form cryptocurrency.

He added that the investors who took the first Bitcoin as a joke will as well miss the appearance of the next one.

Read Leishman’s statement below:

“The “next Bitcoin” is not going to look like Bitcoin at all and may not be a cryptocurrency. It’s going to be some mind-bending economic paradigm shift years from now that few will recognize early on. Investors that missed the “first Bitcoin” are going to miss the next one too.”

No one especially the crypto whales will ever wish for the present Bitcoin to vanish, due to their voluminous investments.

There are predictions for both bearish and bullish Bitcoin price, and the digital asset has not really experienced a significant price rise or drop, giving investors and enthusiasts hope that the steady market would take Bitcoin (BTC) to a desired price and we’ll not bottom before the next bull.

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