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After Daily Transaction Upsurge, Tron (TRX) Network, Integrity Expands With 1000+ Node, Display Future Potential

People are beginning to get a glimpse of what founder Justin sun was saying before the MainNet launch of the of Tron (TRX), but based on the optimism of the CEO, it is yet a tip of an iceberg.

In the late hours of the previous day, Sun announced that Tron’s daily transaction has again hit another milestone after a previous one from the altcoin. The tech savvy said, Tron (TRX) transaction yesterday was almost two times that of Ethereum (ETH).

This time, the update which came onboard declares that Tron’s network growth has expended with over 1000 nodes across the globe, after the altcoin had been buoying 800-900 for months.

The update went further to state that amongst the 1066 active TRX nodes, three locations were ranked top.

Leading the rank, Ashburn, Virginia recorded 218 nodes, followed by San Mateo, CA and Tokyo, Japan which recorded 70 nodes and 62 nodes respectively.

In another update, it was revealed that Ashburn, Virginia value has been upped to 221 nodes.

Tron (TRX): The Essence Of Node On Blockchain

Nodes are described as active electronic devices like phones, computers or printers that are connected to the internet with a designated IP address. Although nodes sometimes help to process transactions but its main function to the network is to buoy a copy of the blockchain.

Nodes appear in binary tree structure, and every cryptocurrency has its own nodes which helps to keep the record of the token used for transactions.

While nodes can be in various locations, node(s) owner can contribute to the network by storing and validating transactions, and with this, they get rewarded. This can be dubbed as mining or forging.

Apart from the fact that increase in nodes show the growth of a blockchain network, nodes help to preserve the integrity of cryptocurrency. It helps to increase the resistance of crypto, running on blockchain, to power failures, systemic crashes or hacks, amongst others.

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