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After Litecoin And Monero Merger Talk, Vitalik Buterin Proposes Prospect For Ethereum (ETH) And Zcash (ZEC)

Months after a possible cryptocurrency merger talk between the founder of Litecoin (LTC) and Monero (XLM), a conversation among twitterati which began which the question; “Can anyone think of two cryptocurrency communities who have a chance of doing the first crypto merger?” has caused disruption on the social media as everyone began to issue out their sentiments.

A response which looked like an inroad to the question was Ethereum (ETH) and ZCash (ZEC). The twitterati backed their proposition with a statement of Vitalik Butterin at Crypto 2018 where he used ETH and ZEC as a hypothetical example of cryptocurrencies that can amalgamated.

Although he mentioned that the founder of Ethereum then said that it won’t be possible because it would result in 3 chains, but the latest conversation got a response from Butterin that:

An explicitly sound idea of merging coins will be for Zcash Frontier Edition to merge Ethereum (ETH) and Zcash (ZEC) coin balances.

The founder of the world second largest Cryptocurrency in the space said the merger would be more interesting if ETH Proof of Stake (PoS) and sharding with ZEC first-class snark integration are combined, then, the Pure Zcash could be more conservative.

He further stated that his previous argument that the merging might not be possible is because it would be hard for communities to be credibly committed to merging, as a faction would get excited, while the other will remain silent while the coins get merged, and thereafter, keep supporting the original chain.

He added that it could only happened between “two communities that highly trust each other where the cores of both are internally united”.

Founder Of Monero (XLM) And Litecoin (LTC) Discusses Possible Merging

Toward the end of the first month of the year, the founder of Monero (XMR), Riccardo Spagni and Charlie Lee were reported to have discussed the possible merging of their projects, with the option of naming the new project -LAMEA.

The report stated that the Litecoin Founder had been long engrossed by the development of a protocol that allows people to carry out transactions between blockchains of different currencies with the believe that Monero’s anonymity and Litecoin’s liquidity will form a perfect match.

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