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After Predicting $220 XRP Future Value, Crypto Adopter Says $23 Is Most Realistic

XRP investors are yearning for price growth as they look to reclaim their hard earned wealth up to a reasonable level. Market experts and analysts, on the other side, are trying to cushion their discontentment, stimulated by lasting market bear effect, with a realistic long-term profitable forecast.

Crypto Bitlord, an Australian crypto adopter who also doubles as crypto commentator, today issued his verdict on the long-term price prediction for XRP as investors anticipate significant bull run.

Bitlord, in harmony with a number of experts, said the altseason is just around the corner, and coins like XRP would soon pick up a tremendous bull run on the upside trend of the market.

After predicting a $220 future price for XRP which made some aver that he’s delusional, the crypto adopter said if observed properly, it is easy to realize that XRP is the new Bitcoin as the former keeps following the latter’s footsteps in the market.

In a well deciphered analysis, Bitlord prophesied that the most probable price of XRP in the near future is $28.

The Australian analyst who seems to be an ardent supporter of XRP relayed the sentiment after getting series of rejections for his $220 price forecast.

While extolling Bitlord for his accuracy with XRP calls, a twitteratti said he would not oppose the analyst.

Contrarily, another commentator on twitter proclaimed that Bitlord has no emotional link to crypto asset.

Crypto Investor Says XRP Was Designed For $10,000

After a careful analysis of the problems which XRP solves and its potency in the market today, a crypto investor, Mark Phillips, averred that XRP was designed for $10,000.

Mark proclaimed that the high XRP price volatility is caused by the minuscule number of investors trading XRP on exchanges.

“Higher prices equal higher liquidity,” Mark Stated.

Mark Phillips posited that the 55% XRP locked in escrow accounts is a cardinal factor that can heighten the price of the altcoin.

He added that for XRP to match SWIFT’s $5 trillion of daily transactions volume, more liquidity is required.

If about “45 billion XRP are available, this would require a price of approximately $111,” Mark stated.

Tokenizing all $1.14 quadrillion value of all asset classes with XRP will require not less than $11,400 per XRP, Mark concluded.

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