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Alexa Ranks Electroneum among Top Five Cryptocurrencies Ahead Of XRP, Tron

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In spite of the pullback witnessed on the market table, Electroneum is proving that it is not a dead project.

Electroneum continues champion the record of project with the largest initial coin offering (ICO) with over 115K participants.

The support garnered from the community birthed another blissful development. Report has it that Alexa, an offshoot of company, rated Electroneum among top 5 cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar.

According to Alexa, Electroneum saw 322,000 average visitors and 1.78 million pageviews last month, making it rank among top cryptographic projects ahead of the likes of Tron, XRP and others.

 “We aim to run a fully transparent project and continue to undertake initiatives towards this goal. It’s for this reason, last year, we installed Alexa certified metrics code onto our website”, Electroneum CEO Richard Ells clarified.

“We’re incredibly proud that Alexa continues to rank our project in the top five cryptocurrency projects by website visitor numbers, amongst other leading projects including; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar.”

Electroneum project’s transparency is also a backbone behind this success. Within the space of two years which the crypto had existed, its user-base had reached 3.2+ million worldwide.

The engagement of the blockchain project has also increased by 150% since July with 122,000 followers.

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