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Binance Coin (BNB) Utility Gets Wider Reach in Australia

Binance (BNB) Utility Gets Wider Reach in Australia

Binance (BNB), the eighth largest digital currency by market capitalization, is beginning to serve the immediate needs of people as much as legal tenders can do. A recent hint by a Twitter user, Caleb Tbb, infers that BNB can now be used for flight booking in Australia.

More attention was attached to the update when Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao who was tagged in the update also commented on the development.

Binance (BNB) and Blockchain Gaining Ground in Australia

Caleb Tbb mentioned that he paid for his flight to Canberra with Binance Coin BNB. A  noteworthy achievement for the digital token which got the response “Utility” from the CEO of the company.

Caleb Tbb said he made the booking to attend a government-supported Blockchain Roadmap Meetup in Australia. This is yet another amazing development that shows that government of the country is supporting blockchain technology and the new industry is gradually overcoming its challenges against all odds.

He said: “Booked my flight to Canberra with BNB on to attend the National Blockchain Roadmap Meetup. It’s amazing to see the government supporting the development of blockchain technology in Australia”

Caleb ended his statement by urging every blockchain lover to join hands in the building of blockchain technology as well in the adoption of the technology.

CZ afterwards replied with the word “utility”. This obviously means that the use cases of BNB have set it apart from others.

Australia, as a country, at the same time a continent has been one of the top region where Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies have been given the breathing space to thrive.

Also, the world is obviously going digital bit by bit. The above update shows the utilities embedded in digital currency especially when it comes to serving people in the payment and trading world. Many companies now accept one form of cryptocurrency or the other as means of payment.

This implies that digital assets are receiving much needed attention, a development that could fast-track the anticipated mainstream adoption.

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