Bitcoin Bullish: Expect Bountiful Market for BTC with These Indications – Analyst Points

Bitcoin is still stable above $9,000. There is growing expectation for more parabolic display in the crypto sphere. BTC has not stopped its display of price surge agility, but it has been its usual growth character to rest on a support level before initiating another significant move. To complement the hope for its consistent growth, Josh Rager, a popular crypto analyst recently pointed to indications that could raise the expectation of Bountiful market for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is looking up to surpass higher resistance levels. It’s been about two days since its last parabolic movement, which took its price beyond $9,000. The next target in the sight of many crypto fans is attaining $10,000 in few days’ time.

Bitcoin seems to have glowing future, as many that are least expected are already investors. It is presently gaining much popularity in African nations, especially Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa.

Nigeria has wide range of youths that have already invested, but concealing their investment status, avoiding negations from those that have not subscribed to the value of cryptocurrencies. However, investing in digital currency attracts a lot of risks, due to its volatility.

Bitcoin has attracted a lot of predictions from crypto analysts, raising the hope of vast investors that hope for a bull run. BTC’s price growth also relies on the interest of the institutional investors. Their investments will actually make the market gets larger.

At press time, BTC is trading at $9,060, with -2.21% price increase in the last 24 hours. There is still possibility of rising or dropping anytime, but the majority in the crypto space expects consistent surge and favourable price.

Josh Rager Indicates Bountiful Market for Bitcoin in Few Years’ Time

Josh Rager is a usual analyst on twitter. He deserves to be tagged as crypto expert due to the level of his past analysis and the mode of illustrating his points.

Rager recently illustrated that Bitcoin Super Guppy flipped green on 1-week chart in 2012, which later preceded price uptrend. He said same scenario also applied in 2016.

He said “It’s finally here… The Bitcoin Super Guppy has flipped green on the 1-week chart 2012: 400-day uptrend followed a flip green 2016: 700-day uptrend followed a flip green…”

He revealed that the Super Guppy has also flipped green in 2019, which signals that the market will be bountiful for BTC in the next few years.

“…2019: the 1W Super Guppy has finally flipped green and it shall be a bountiful market the next few years”

Bitcoin is still changing hands above $9,000 support level. Its next move is still unpredictable. BTC could surge further above or plunge more below, volatility of the digital currency makes favourable and unfavourable price movement possible in few minutes.

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