Cardano (ADA) Sees Nigeria As Another African Country With Great Opportunities

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Going to be a year old by September, Cardano (ADA) blockchain project established by Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) has been exploring African countries like Ethiopia and Rwanda lately, seeing the continent as an enclave that lags behind in everything related to blockchain technology and data management.

This time, Nigeria, the most populous African country, seems to be the focal point for the Cryptocurrency.

For Cardano, meet-up is significant, and it is seen as a precursor to unending development in any particular location.

Grooming like minds who have a yen for blockchain and Cryptocurrency-like projects in Nigeria, a meet up was held in the name of Cardano in Port Harcourt, a city in the southern part of the country.

The community-led Cardano meet-up, which was presided by one Joshua Akpan, a cryptocurrency and blockchain tech enthusiast, issued out a press release on the meet-up for awareness, stating that despite the fact that it is the first meeting, people responded incredibly well.

The team leader added that while they received participants from far and wide within the country, the meeting has helped them in carving out the goals of the community and roadmap for future meetings.

Some of the goals which the community aims to achieve according to the release include;

  • Stepping up the awareness of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency within the enclave of the county and beyond.
  • Initiation of a Cardano blockchain learning environment for interested persons.
  • Implementation of Cardano blockchain technology into identified area of possible use cases.
  • Initiation and support for startup projects that are Cardano related.

The community later aired that the meet-up gave them the opportunity to rub minds, exchange ideas, socialize and connect with new members.

While Nigeria, an important country in Africa, is not well grounded in data management which result to a lot of complications, the blockchain company may soon salvage the all-time problems, as it establishes a firm base within the country.

Cardano (ADA) In Ethiopia

With the intent of exploring and implementing Cardano blockchain into Agrictech industry, the Ethiopian government signed a MoU with the blockchain company.

Aside that, Cardano will also introduce and impact the knowledge of blockchain technology unto people within the country.


All in all, Cardano seems to be tackling some significant problems within Africa, and this is likely going to be a stepping stone for the cryptocurrency’s lauded greatness.

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