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Cardano: EMURGO CTO Lists Two Important Upcoming Upgrades, 2 Years Achievements


Cardano foundation recently celebrated its two years anniversary in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and the event unearthed a number of thrilling updates that includes two important developments on the roadmap of EMURGO that are poised with the possibility of thrusting the blockchain network.

Staking reward that’s to be received by users as presented by Charles Hoskinson at the event was the major talk of the town in the crypto community, yet there are more prominent stories to be told about the event.

Nicolás Arqueros, the Chief Technical Officer at Emurgo, the official arm of Cardano, made an insightful presentation at the event.

Arqueros briefed the audience about two salient developments that Emurgo would be implementing on Cardano blockchain network before the year ends, as well as accomplishments on the network in the last two years, categorized into ‘What’s to come for and What has been done’ respectively.

According to the slide deck of his presentation published on Github, Arqueros listed upcoming Seiza and Yoroi under “What’s to come for” section with much emphasis on what the upgrades would be introducing to Cardano.

The upcoming Yoroi, expected to serve as an upgrade of the existing, allows for staking in rewards and staking Shelley. Also, the Yoroi will be supporting a mobile version Ledger Nano X and full node features for Shelley Mainnet.

Yoroi wallet has been existing for quite some time. It was developed by EMURGO and regarded as the first friendly app that supports Cardano Ledger hardware wallet.

In March 2019, the Yoroi wallet became fully compatible with Ledger Nano S.

The Upcoming Seiza is yet another important upgrade on the list. It is seen as an elevation of the previous version. When fully implemented, Seiza is poised to offer multiple networks, support for rewards testnet, Stake Pool Explorer and simple and advance Staking Center Simulators.

On the list of “What has been done”, there includes:  Yoroi Wallet partnership with Tangata Manu, compatibility of the wallet with FireFox, Trezor and Ledger Nano S. In February, EMURGO released Daedalus paper wallet, and iOS version of the Yoroi wallet after the android version was unveiled in January.

Other updates on the achievement of EMURGO in the space of two years can be found in the release.

While Cardano foundation has just announced the implementation of the Shelley Mainnet, the upcoming Yoroi and Seiza would be a big boost for the blockchain network has it enters into the Shelley era, fully.

Cardano Partners Sneakers Manufacturer, New Balance

In September, Cardano sealed a partnership deal with world’s renowned sneaker producer as declared by Hoskinson at the summit in Bulgaria. New Balance will leverage Cardano blockchain solution to ensure the authenticity of its product.

“For a little while we’ve been working with a shoe company. Do you guys know New Balance? We’re working on an authentication product with the Cardano blockchain,” said Hoskinson.

Tim Harrison another member of the IOHK team said New Balance will be handed consumer-level verification solution via Cardano blockchain. Buyers will henceforth be able to confirm the authenticity of New Balance footwears with distributed ledger technology.

While expecting more additions in the coming days, Hoskinson sees the partnership with New Balance as a sign of mass adoption.

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