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Charlie Lee Taunts Bitcoiners that Surface in Conference with Faketoshi

Charlie Lee Taunts Bitcoiners that Surface in Conference with Faketoshi

Obviously, there is a joint solidarity in the cryptocurrency sphere against the self-acclaimed creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright. Every member of Bitcoin community sees the creator of Bitcoin Cash as an imposter trying to take glory for what he did not suffer for. However, a conference was scheduled to hold in London, which had Wright on the list as a quest speaker.

This very scenario has called the attention of crypto community members, as many Bitcoiners such as Tone Vays, allegedly failed to honor their pledges.

The same issue prompted Litecoin’s Charlie Lee to lash out at some faithful Bitcoiners, who decided to attend the conference with the supposed “crypto space disruptor”, or better still Faketoshi Wright.

Charlie Lee Taunts Bitcoiners for Failing Promises

The thread was started by the derivative trader and analyst Tone Vays who informed Bitcoiners that Roger Ver, a public figure in the cryptocurrency space, has been replaced by Craig Wright nicknamed Faketoshi.

Day 1 of the conference had the likes of Nouriel Roubini, a stern Bitcoin critic, Bobby Lee, the Founder & CEO at Ballet Crypto, in attendance.

Afterward, Vays stated that he will face them in the conference day 2, with the promise of elaborating on the scams in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV).

In another tweet on the same thread, Tone Vays expressed his disappointment for not seeing anyone representing Bitcoin on the list. He further shared that he’s now the only man standing, as every Bitcoiner supposedly pulled out at some points prior to the scheduled conference. He however assured to properly lecture attendees.

In this regard, Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin (LTC), came in to indirectly taunt Vays’ decision to be part of the conference, knowing fully well that the lone enemy of the crypto sphere, Craig Wright, will also be speaking at the conference.

He reminded the Bitcoin community of the agreement to totally avoid any conference that has the supposed Faketoshi in attendance.

Lee said: “Many of us made the pledge to not attend a conference that invites faketoshi. Yet you still plan to share the same stage with him. Shame”

The CSO at Blockstream, Samson Mow, also shared his opinion about attending the same conference with Craig Wright. He said he always observes his vicinity, avoids him as much as possible.

Mow said “When I’m invited to speak at a conference, the first thing my team checks is if Faketoshi is speaking. If yes, then I’m out.”

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