Coinbase CEO Unveiled Company’s Plans in the Next 10 Years

The head of the major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong unveiled plans in the next 10 years. His speech was published on the company’s official blog.

Coinbase Plans For the Next 10 Years

The main aim of the Coinbase team is to create economic freedom. According to Brian Armstrong, his company is set to build conditions under which assets cannot be seized without the owner’s permission. Moreover, the startup intends to fight corruption as part of the formation of economic freedom.

According to Coinbase, the development plan will exclude several issues, increasing poverty is among them. Experts also believe that the possibilities of economic freedom would end the world war.

The CEO of Coinbase has demonstrated the growth rate of economic freedom:

Coinbase Crypto economy


Brian Armstrong believes that technical solutions will be able to change, starting to show an active growth of indicators.

He cited the differences between South Korea and the DPRK as a great example of the influence of economic development. A similar set of resources and geographical location makes countries quite different from each other.

Against the background of Coinbase’s resources and technical solutions that are able to change the level of economic freedom in the world, Brian Armstrong called the solution of these ones the main field of ​​work over the next 10 years.

What Way Is Coinbase Set to Achieve Its Goal?

According to  Brian Armstrong, the formation of a clear financial system is the key feature that will allow the company to achieve growth in indicators of economic freedom. He classified the main tools such as cryptocurrency and smartphones. To explain this he put forward the following points:

  • working with cryptocurrencies will allow overcoming the barriers built to fiat;
  • users will be able to independently control their savings;
  • cryptocurrencies will help fight inflation;
  • the operation based on blockchain will allow fighting corruption.

coinbase crypto people connected


The specialist believes to implement the plan, the company’s developers must provide users with several tools:

  • Acquire and store cryptocurrency;
  • earn and use cryptocurrency;
  • start new companies with cryptocurrency.

At the moment, Coinbase is developing an infrastructure that would provide ways with spread cryptocurrency as an effective alternative to fiat money. As prospects, Brian Armstrong identified work in the following areas:

  • increase in the number of assets that will be available to users of Coinbase platforms;
  • continued distribution of Coinbase finished products in other countries;
  • to clarify the process of interaction between people and cryptocurrencies.

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In his opinion, the presented points will create the conditions for the popularization of investments in cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the Coinbase team does not intend to act alone. Experts hope to attract other companies to operate with digital assets providing them with technical solutions.

To date, Coinbase offers tools for traders, debit cards, education programs, technical solutions for business, opportunities to earn money on cryptocurrencies, etc.

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