Community Wants XRP Hard Fork Propounder Crypto Bitlord to Debate Ripple CEO

The popularity of a man who proposed forking XRP is increasing day in day out. The crypto enthusiast, by the name Crypto Bitlord, despite appearing to love XRP claimed he’s displeased by the way Ripple Inc. is “dumping XRP on investors”, hence proposing a hard fork of the third largest digital currency with a proposed name RippleOne.

Yesterday, some set of XRP community members demanded that Crypto Bitlord debate CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse.

These unknown faces went ahead to create a petition on Change.org, the same way they created a petition demanding Ripple steer clear of XRP.

Now, the cryptocurrency community members wanting Crypto Bitlord to hard fork XRP are now being enjoined to sign the petition if they would want Brad Garlinghouse to have a debate with Crypto Bitlord live –may be on CNN.

According to the petition, Crypto Bitlord was said to have challenged Ripple CEO to a debate about some notable accusations from the cryptocurrency community which has to do with Ripple’s control over XRP and the startup’s ways of doing business.

Although, Brad spoke extensively in an interview on CNN, addressing notable widespread FUDs coming from some parts of the cryptocurrency community.

However, this has not allayed the fears of worried XRP holders, making them to continue the push for XRP hard fork.

Meanwhile, Brad Garlinghouse during the said interview revealed that XRP, like any other technology, can be hard forked. Since XRP is premined, what Brad meant by his statement was that XRPL could be used by another cryptocurrency project, simply put, the technology could be hard-forked.

Crypto Bitlord, with over 100,000 Twitter followers, has been one of the respected XRP adherent for long. Few days back, he claimed the official whitepaper of the XRP hard fork dubbed Ripple One will soon be unveiled.

The cryptocurrency trader accused Ripple of “crashing” the price of XRP by dumping billions of the digital currency on bag holders.

The petition got around 3,000 signatures in a twinkle of an eye forcing Brad to write series of tweets to clear the “FUD”.

At the moment, the crypto analysts is threatening to hard fork XRP but some are saying Bitlord does not even have a Github account, but he’s sure he has.

While some are expecting the launch of Ripple One, Crypto Bitlord plans to create 10,000 coins for the proposed asset.

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