Crypto Bitlord: We are Getting Closer to Forking XRP

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Crypto Bitlord, a popular critics of Ripple Inc., the firm behind XRP, has aired that he and his colleagues are getting closer to hard forking Ripple’s XRP.

The cryptocurrency expert made this disclosure in a video released on Periscope, claiming experts are doing everything within their capacity to get the digital currency hard-forked. The crypto pundit condemned Ripple Inc. for dumping billions of XRP on investors.

Bitlord, speaking from the West Coast of Australia, mentioned few people who agreed to join him in the struggle.

He said Bitcoin is holding steady but XRP is getting closer to its fork. Bitlord said the XRP fork would soon have its official whitepaper. Bitlord mentioned that underground works are also ongoing to get official backings for the XRP fork.

The renowned XRP critic added that they’d begun hunt for good banking partners to support their idea and the presigning of one bank, at least, is necessary.

Crypto Bitlord is part of those who are dissatisfied with Ripple’s involvement in investing some portions of its crypto assets in ideas that have the potential of propelling the utility of XRP, which will finally translate to increased price in the future.

The desire to hard fork XRP has resulted in Bitlord demanding for “community effort” in hard-forking the digital asset. At the time of writing, more enthusiasts are joining the created discord group centered on achieving the much talked about hard fork.

Late August, the cryptocurrency expert filed a petition on demanding that Ripple steer clear of XRP’s price “manipulation” and intentional flooring of its price to make the token remain a penny stock.

However, in a series of tweets by Ripple’s CEO, the demand by Crypto Bitlord was condemning. Brad, said people with ulterior motives are spreading FUD about XRP.

The CEO also made the same comment on CNN yesterday, pointing that the firm has no hand in the price of the digital currency.

Brad, when questioned on whether Ripple sells to institutional investors at a discount price, Garlinghouse said yes, but however pointed that investor’s accounts are locked up to prevent them from dumping their assets on bag holders.

Brad during the interview on CNN declared that any open source technology could be forked, resulting in fears that XRP, which is already pre-mined could be forked.

However, Ripple’s XRP enthusiasts continue to maintain that XRPL can be forked as said by Brad Garlinghouse who yesterday cleared some misinformation regarding the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

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