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CZ Discloses Actual Team Size of Binance, Condemns 1500+ Scammers’ Estimate

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Unwillingly, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, popularly known as CZ, recently revealed the actual team size operating within the Binance ecosystem, disclaiming 1500+ estimates by those he tagged as ‘scammers’. Justin Sun also threw jibe at the purported ranking.

The above came to play after a Twitter user shared the list of top 10 startups in the crypto space, arranged according to their team’s capacity.

Actually, there is existing tussle of supremacy in the cryptocurrency space. Every startup related to digital asset wants to get on the top list in terms of team capacity and market strength, since the two factors are important means used to measure prominence.

So, it’s the habit of the CEOs and founders in the crypto sphere to fight tooth and nail, just to make their cryptographic projects remain relevant and attractive, in order to gain the trust of in-house and potential investors.

CZ Binance Disclaims over 1500 Team Size Estimation

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance exchange had an open avenue to reveal the actual team size of Binance, a move that could be well termed as unplanned but necessary to correct misconception.

The saga was started by a Twitter user known as Yano. He came up with a list of cryptocurrency startups, reportedly sourced from LinkedIn.

On the list, there are 10 crypto startups filed according to the capacity of their team, having Binance ranked as number one, with 1635 team members. Coinbase occupies the second position on the ranking with 1,195 team members, followed by ConsenSys: 868 and OKEx + OKCoin: 548

Ripple, the US-based blockchain tech that was recently ranked 28th top-performing startup in the United States, was ranked fifth on the list with 508 team members, followed by Bitman, Huobi, Circle, Tron, and the last on the list, Bitmex, with 220 team members.

CZ Binance did not ignore the misconception of Binance team size. He swiftly questioned the authenticity of the estimation, stating that the actual team size of Binance is 600.

In order to nullify the misleading report, CZ said the over 1500 team members released on LinkedIn are the mere manipulative impersonation of the professional network’s scammers. He added that only 30 Binance team members have profile on LinkedIn.

He concluded by gesturing the fact that scamming has gained foothold in the cryptocurrency and LinkedIn ecosystems.

Tron’s Justin Sun Taunts the Estimation

Justin Sun, founder of Tron, did not reserve his comment over the list that has since raised concerns within the crypto community. Sun contradicted the list by pointing out that “TRON has 400 team members by far”, as against the 250 team members allegedly released on LinkedIn.

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