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Determined ABBC Coin Now On The 24th Spot With 179% Rise. Here Is A Lesson To Learn

Seemingly embattled ABBC coin has landed on the 24th spot in the Coin Market after securing 179% in the last 7 days. In the last 24 hours ABB coin has seen over 60% price increase, maintaining a great gain with a price of $0.62.

Late February, Today’s Gazette covered how ABBC coin Saw over 150% price increase, making it to seat on the 33th position after it launched 500K Giveaway.

Over a week after the launch of 500K ABBC giveaway, ABBC popularly regarded as ABBC coin has seen over 150% value rise, making it stay at the 33th position in the coin market.

ABBC coin is an innovation of the Alibaba Foundation, a Dubai cryptocurrency firm embattled with a trademark lawsuits by China’s e-commerce firm Alibaba Group.

The first lawsuit did not see the order of the day for failing “to establish a reasonable probability that the Court has personal jurisdiction over Alibabacoin” since the burden of prove lies with the claimant.

After Alibaba Group proofed beyond reasonable doubt, Judge Paul Oetken in Manhattan Federal Court stopped Alibaba Foundation from using the trade mark and all other things that has to do with Alibaba Group.

Although ABBC coin was affected by the proceeding, falling by 47% within 24 hours. Today, the digital asset is doing fantastic in the space. At some point, ABBC coin had jumped from nowhere to the 66th position and then 33rd point in the crypto market.

What Others Cryptocurrency Needs To Learn From ABBC Coin

According to its Roadmap, ABBC coin intends to be among the top 20 coins by Q4 2019, however, the digital asset is 4 spot closer to the dream.

Unlike other cryptocurrency, ABBC coin puts being at the top position in the market as one of its aim, and the digital asset is benefiting now. Kudos.

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