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NewsLogical is a news publication centered on accuracy, trust, and transparency. Information presented on our News platform does not have anything to do with the personal desire of our writers.

While our writers are holders of cryptocurrency, they do not write to push the price of any cryptocurrency high or low.

NewLogical journalists write virtually about all cryptocurrency projects or exchanges, but they are not affiliated with any cryptocurrency project. When any project is mentioned on our platform, we are not sure of its Terms and Conditions, it is your own duty to do so if you want to know anything about them.

Also, we do not have a hand in any loss you incur while relating to any project mentioned on NewsLogical. Therefore, we should not be held responsible for any loss incurred while dealing with any cryptocurrency project. Be guided!

As we are focused on independent journalism, we thrive to bring transparent and professional cryptocurrency and blockchain news to your tab every time. We adopt core journalism ethics and do not deviate for a second.

Any form of information found on NewsLogical should not be misconstrued as financial advice, we write for informational and educational purposes, only.

While investing in any cryptocurrency, do due diligence by looking deep into the project you intend to invest in. Cryptocurrencies/Digital currencies are generally volatile. So, contact your financial advisers in case you want to invest in any asset.

In this wise, note that we are independent of any cryptocurrency project, we have no ally among crypto project owners or team even though we sign a partnership agreement with crypto projects, it does not mean we support what they do. Therefore, we are sure of presenting our articles independent of their desires.

Note that advertisements and campaigns on NewsLogical are paid for by Public Relations/marketing agencies, we do not involve ourselves in any cryptocurrency project or help push platforms with what our journalists write.