Editorial Policy

Updated June 27, 2020

NewsLogical thrives to bring simplicity to financial reporting through its state of the art information gathering ideas bothering on technology, statistics, and investigative journalism.

Our mission is to enlighten the broad world on their financial investment especially in cryptocurrency, a space soaked with volatile assets.


Emancipation: although the cryptocurrency world can be overwhelming and riddled with fake news, NewLogical offers you trustworthy information. Finance can be complex and intimidating, We provide you with information that you can use with confidence, regardless of your level of experience.

Impartiality: No matter how information appears to us, we put things in the right perspective without minding whose ox is gored. After intensive research, we present our information in a clear, detailed, and concise context.

Precision: Our writers are humans, so they cannot be perfect all the time, but we do not tilt from realities. We present facts in the best way possible and do not attempt to deviate from the truth.

Our workers are the most qualified as far as this medium is concerned. Like we are known for, we seek to work with the best brain in the journalism field.

However, in case of any noticed error, mistakes, kindly contact us here.

Inclusivity: Our services are not meant to exclude a certain form of people, we respect and welcome every age, race, region or country. We present facts not minding religion or sexual link.

Code of Ethics

We follow strict journalism style at NewsLogical. Our Codes of Ethics are strictly of Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW).

All information presented on our platform are as stipulated by the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ). Check SPJ’s poster down this article to understand what we stand for.

Editorial style

We have in-house editors that peruse every article written on NewsLogical. Don’t think we make recommendations for buying or selling cryptocurrency or any asset.

Our analyses are not tailored towards offering investment guidance but offered to serve as educational information. Our team of sophisticated editors checks articles on our platform often, in order to correct any form of mistake or edit old articles to be more relevant.

Quality Philosophy

For every published article, series of editors must have worked on it to make it more accurate, balance, and error-free to the best of our capacity.

Our team of editors checks published articles and offer more advice on them to make them appear distinct from others without carpeting necessary information required.


NewsLogical writers are taken through rigorous interview and are hired based on their expertise. A lot of them are financial experts who have wide experience in their chosen carriers. All writers are required to uphold the editorial guidelines listed above.