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Electroneum Launches Exceedingly Rewarding $80 Android Phone, ETN Price Analysis

Electroneum Launches Exceedingly Rewarding $80 Android Phone, ETN Price Analysis

Electroneum (ETN) has announced the launch of an exceedingly rewarding android smartphone M1, a mobile phone much celebrated for its functionalities and the way it pays customers back in a groundbreaking manner.

Revealing the launch of the smart phone, Electroneum in a press release stated that the development will disrupt the mobile industry in the developing world for the fact that Electroneum blockchain technology empowers users to be paid in return for its use.

The mobile phone is revolutionary in that it has features built-in Cloud Mining that can earn up to $3 USD worth of Electroneum (ETN) monthly.

Electroneum (ETN) M1 comes with state of the art functionalities.

The latest blockchain mobile phone is styled in ‘Electroneum Blue’. The design competes with other smartphones in the market with its quality and performance. It has “extensive functionality” like 4G and dual-sim capabilities.

“Consumers can now expect a Google GMS certified smartphone at an RRP of around $80 USD – traditionally the price point of a reconditioned handset,” the press statement inferred.

“Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are earned by “mining” them with expensive server equipment. Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency that can be “mined” using just your smartphone.”

The phone comes with the new Electroneum app-based Cloud Mining system, which makes ETN accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

The CEO and founder of Electroneum, Richard Ells, pointed that the latest smartphone was an outcome of experience.

“With our experience in tech, we were able to gather a world-class team consisting of telecommunications, manufacturing, emerging area mobile-operators, product design and marketing specialists, all helping to make this utopian vision of ours a reality.”

“Without the broad range of talent and expertise, we could never have imagined the possibility of making a product of this calibre accessible for anyone in the world, and we are extremely proud of the result”

Electronuem (ETN) Intraday Price Analysis

After a North Pole movement that signals massive reward, the market fell down past the equator, with an encroachment into the southern region.

While the market continues to dip into bloodbath, Electroneum (ETN) is applying a shock absorber to cushion the plummeting market effect.

Although Electroneum is battling with a massive 6.8% value loss in the last 24 hours according to Coinmarketcap, but the altcoin seems to be looking for a support that will make it not exceed this depth. Attesting to this, Electroneum has only lost 2.85% of its value against BTC in the last 24 hours.

Electroneum (ETN price today

Also, despite the dip, the mobile mining focused crytpocurrency, Electroneum, stretches out to show that it has got more fishes to fry than thought. Compared to the last 7 days, Electroneum (ETN) value against US dollars is still on the upside trend.

Electroneum started the last 24 hours priced $0.006971, and it is at the moment valued $0.00734. Thus, Electroneum (ETN) has added about 5.4% to its value in the last 7 day.

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