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Entertainment: Why Jay-Z, Jack White, Others Might Embrace Tron (TRX) Over Own Network, Tidal

Tron (TRX) looks good to profit when more partnerships come on. Now, the focus is on big shots in the global entertainment industry – Jay-Z and Jack White. From inception, Tron’s focus had been to completely decentralize entertainment industry, and hand artist their fortune.

Is Jay-Z taking Interest in Tron (TRX)?

Jay-Z, a U.S rapper and award-winning Grammy Awards artiste with over 100 million record sales might soon showcase interest in the Tron (TRX) blockchain technology due to the achievements it is bagging in the decentralization realm.

With the real name as Shawn Carter, the 49-year old rapper cum businessperson took interest in shrewd investments on startups and crumbling companies. Now, his attention may soon shift to the Tron (TRX) coin.

The TIDAL Perceptive

Tidal is a subscription-based streaming platform for different contents such as music and podcasts. Created by Aspiro AB, a Norwegian-based company on October 24, 2014, it has access to 53 countries, runs a catalog of 60 million songs, and is available on wide range of devices such as Android, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.

In 2015, Jay-Z bought the company through his startup company, Arrive. The move was part of his drive to build an online music platform for users to enjoy premium contents. He runs the company in conjunction with other celebrities such as Jack White, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Usher, Arcade Fire, and many other artists.

Is Tidal Flopping?

Ever since Jay-Z took over the company for the sum of $56 million USD, there has been a continuous crisis. Despite claims that the company has new subscribers, Tidal reportedly lost over $28 million USD in 2015.

In the same vein, Tidal faces stiff competitions from platforms such as Apple and Spotify. Could these declines be the reason why Jay-Z, Jack White, and other artists might be looking into blockchain technology as a possible solution to Tidal’s glitches?

Why Tron (TRX)?

From the look of things, Tron (TRX) is a good option if Jay-Z and others behind Tidal, when they choose to go the crypto way. This is not the first time he is developing interest for cryptocurrencies. Jay-Z was among the first celebrities to accept and use crypto coins. It is a popular fact that he went into collaboration with the Chicago Times to sell tickets in Bitcoin (BTC) for his Soldier Field concert.

Now, for the interest in Tron (TRX), the coin is the exact description of what Jay-Z wants to actualize with Tidal. First, it has an immutable backing with the blockchain technology and transactions are fast. In addition, Tron’s (TRX) disposition to bring content creators and users together and tipping users for their actions rhyme with the massive royalties Jay-Z aims to pay artists for their contents on the platform.

The Future is Bright for Tron (TRX)

Perhaps, it did not anticipate that this will come anytime soon but with a high-profile personality like Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) adopting its blockchain and coin, the future looks good for Tron (TRX).

In the event that Jay-Z, Jack White and other artists at Tidal decide to do away with the platform or think of a lasting solution, Tron (TRX) will be the best next destination. Certainly, the coin will be waiting with open arms to receive one of the best collaborations to come its way.

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  • How much did Tron pay you to write this? They have a copied white paper and code. How are they any different than any other platform coin. You lost all credibility as a “journalist.”