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Etihad Airways Crypto Partner Supports Dash (DASH)

Many a number of observers are claiming that cryptocurrency is winning the adoption battle gradually, and yes it is. The world renowned crypto retail platform who is an official partner of Etihad Airways has announced a blissful news for Dash (DASH), a cryptocurrency that runs on a masternode, and the entire crypto space.

The world first Crypto luxury platform , Crypto Emporium, today announced on twitter that it has integrated DASH cryptocurrency into its platform, and it is excited to do so.

Furthermore, Crypto Emprorium declared that it fully believes in the privacy oriented coin.

Established in the year 2018, Crypto Emporium services the world with online retailing of wide variety of products with much focus in luxury items, as well as acceptance of cryptocurrency as payment means.

The Etihad Airways partner disclosed that the integration of Dash (DASH) was birthed by the mammoth feedbacks from customers requesting for the addition of Dash to its available lineup of payment options due to their love for the coin. The founder of the retail platform, Stephen Travers, stated that the yen and zeal from the Dash community was more than expected.

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“Honestly we were quite taken aback by the response from the Dash community. After receiving a number of emails asking us to accept Dash on Crypto Emporium and conducting our own research, we put the question to the community on Twitter. What a brilliantly motivated, helpful, considerate and knowledgeable community Dash possesses. We’ve always felt the relationship between a project and their investors/holders says a lot about that project in general. It’s something we’ve always been incredibly mindful of in the past and have managed to build great relationships with many of the cryptocurrencies that we support. We look forward to building this relationship with Dash and serving their community with distinction,” Travers averred.

Any Effects On Bitcoin (BTC) And Others?

While one of the major slogan in the crypto community is “When Lambo”, it has been realized that trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies is never a challenge in the space, but spending, especially in the goods and services industry, has quite be an issue for lovers of digital currencies.

Nevertheless, the integration and adoption Crypto Emporium handed in for most cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin , Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP and Verge amongst others is sure a feather on the cap of the digital assets.

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As an addition, the platform partnered the almighty Etihad Airways to make cryptocurrency available to more people around the world.

While the bear market lasts, the first online platform that allows the purchase of goods with cryptocurrency, Crypto Emporium, in a statement said it is also feeling the wave and believes a turnaround will surely prevail:

“Like with many projects around us, I couldn’t sit here and tell you the bear market has been perfect. However, we’ve really managed to take the positives from such a difficult environment, and we’re managing to use the time well to create new connections and improve our services for our clients/suppliers. We believe this to be short-term shakeout and that patient hands will be rewarded in the near-future.”

Travers added that Crypto Emporium is making effort to reverse the daunting market situation by expanding its offering through mass adoption.

 “As part of our business plan, we’ve introducing more and more cost effective products to Whereas we began as a ‘luxury only’ e-commerce store, we’re slowly transitioning into a general crypto-commerce solution with a genuine price advantage over our high-street competitors. I feel this is one of the last barriers to mass adoption, in that if we’re able to offer significant savings, we’ll be able to convert the masses to cryptocurrency and more specifically crypto-commerce. We’re right on track for this, and we look forward to continuing the charge for real-world adoption in the coming weeks/months/years.”

The founder concluded by saying the integration of cryptos on the platform is seen as a win-win scenario as its helps Crypto Emporium and its customers scale through high cost associated with fiat currency payment systems especially in the area of currency conversion from international customers.

 “Accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment offers us an incredible number of benefits compared to traditional methods. Cryptocurrency allows us to operate on a truly global scale by avoiding expensive foreign transaction fees or exchange rates. Since our launch in just February of last year, we’ve processed orders from over 20+ different countries, this is a luxury afforded to us only by using international digital assets. Another huge benefit is how we’re often able to save money by eliminating many fees associated with e-commerce and selling over the internet. We know that we’re buying into an eventual business practice, the benefits are numerous and we’re only just at the beginning,” Travers said.

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