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FC Bayern Munich Collaborates with Blockchain Platform Stryking on Digital Collectibles

FC Bayern Munich has signed a collaborative agreement with Stryking, a blockchain digital collectibles platform focusing on popular sports licenses.

Stryking Entertainment, a section of Animoca Brands, signed the agreement with the eminent German-based football club to produce and distribute digital collectibles that are designed with FC Bayern players in mind.

Players like Lucas Hernández. Coutinho, Lewandowski, and Manuel Neuer among other top players are going to be featured in the collectible.

Stryking is creating a global blockchain digital collectibles revolving around popular sports licenses.

For now, has launched today, and there is expectation that more partners will join. These licensing partners are going to be from big sports clubs and leagues among other sports rights holders for inventing and sharing digital collectibles that are look-alike of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Stryking has designed a fantasy sports challenge system for “Football-Stars”. The system will offer gameplay for the digital collectibles, thereby giving fans the opportunity to make use of non-fungible tokens player cards designed to be a look-alike of real sports stars. This stars are going to be used against each other during challenges.

Fans can build virtual line-ups with their top player cards and play against the line-ups of others just like a normal game. The outcome of the game is calculated using historical data or real-live results.

Digital collectible are becoming a thing of treasure. In May, NewsLogical reported that a faceless man paid $100,000 in Ethereum to acquire a digital car.

Cryptocurrency Making Name in the Football World through Partnerships

Even though faced by a number of hurdles like regulatory policy, the tentacles of cryptocurrency is spreading like wildfire. The nascent currency backed by blockchain technology is gradually gaining adoption in the sport world, more importantly in the football arena.

Notable football clubs around the world are pledging allegiance to cryptocurrency. Recently, Wartford, an English Premier League football club, signed a 3 years deal with, a crypto-centric betting company. Wartford, through the deal, will be creating awareness for Bitcoin in England.

Watford has since then adopted Bitcoin for purchase of merchandise at the club store, and added Bitcoin logo to the arm of its jerseys. Similarly, premier league clubs like Arsenal, West Ham, Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton and Brighton have in the past signed a deal directly or indirectly with a crypto based companies.

NewsLogical on 16th September reported that Turkish giant Galatasaray Spor Kulübü moved into the crypto industry via Chiliz, a cryptocurrency backed by

Galatasaray joined as the seventh football partner of Chiliz after the likes of Atlético de Madrid, Juventus, AS Roma, West Ham Untied, PSG and one other club.

As cryptocurrency continues to make gradual success in the football world, there are hopes that the industry will be among the top adopters of cryptocurrency.

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