Free Speech Platform ‘Thinkspot’ Adopts Bitcoin

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Thinkspot, a free speech social platform created by controversial psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has adopted Bitcoin, Today’s Gazette has learnt.

Speaking on “The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast”, Mikhaila Peterson, the only daughter of the social platform creator who doubles as the backbone of the family, said Thinkspot will start accepting cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin as a form of payment on the platform.

Mikhaila Peterson mentioned that the social platform will receive donations to boosts the uncensored social platform.

At the beginning of the Season 2 Episode 12 podcast tagged “Aim at a Star: A 12 Rule for Life Lecture”, Mikhaila shortly spoke about cryptocurrency. She reflected on the importance of Bitcoin and mentioned eToro as an important cryptocurrency social trading platform.

Mikhaila, who said Thinkspot is an intellectual platform that won’t be unnecessarily censored like Facebook and Twitter, noted that eToro social media platform, with over 11 million active users, is the best place to trade cryptocurrency including Bitcoin.

He said Thinkspot, a creation of psychologist Peterson and social media platform for intellectual, will accept cryptocurrency and Bitcoin donation starting from September 30th, 2019.

“Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere,” Mikhaila said.

Thinkspot is designed to be “anti-censorship”, however, users need to subscribe to make use of the platform.

Experts regards it as an uncensored alternative such as Patreon. The platform is to “monetize creators” and offer users the opportunity to write what they so wish.

Thinkspot won’t ban transgender and those who share information that are normally deemed hate speech by mainstream social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

However, comments need to be very thoughtful and Thinkspot will make sure comments are limited to compel users to load single comment with thoughtful ideas. This would be achieved through limited word count.

As an example, he said if anyone is going to comment in just 50 words, it is going to be thoughtful. Even those who make jokes are going to be witty in their jokes with such word count.

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