Glad Tidings Spike The Price Of Augur And Electroneum

Electroneum (ETN) Amazon Web Service Partnership: Prepare For 2019 Boom

The digital currency space has been in red for some times now. Today, however, few cryptocurrency are performing excellently well. Digital currencies like Augur (REP) and Electroneum (ETN) cannot be left out.

The two digital assets have been making big moves to the extent that all eyes are on the two of them.

Augur (REP): Veil Is The Beginning Of Blessing.

Shortly after the launch of Veil, Augur has been on the move. The digital currency few days back surged 50%. Augur, a prediction market protocol developed on the Ethereum Network, launched Veil purposely to create engaging prediction market while gaining momentum for its ERC20 token REP.

Augur is today changing hands at $17.61 USD after seeing over 19% rise in the last 24 hours. Augur has seen close to 100% and 140% growth in the last 7 days and 30 days respectively.

Augur is introducing innovations into the prediction world. The digital asset has the power to transform the space completely.

Electroneum (ETN): More Good News To Come

The price of Electroneum (ETN) surged today after the team announced that its Mobile App will come to iOS Next Week.

“Internal app testing is now complete. The iOS BETA will launch next week. Keep an eye out for our announcement. Thank you all for your patience.”

While there is still bearish condition in the market, Electroneum (ETN) is among the few assets receiving boosts.

Many digital assets have died a natural death, however, Electroneum (ETN) is still heal and hearty. The mobile-centered digital currency keeps on partnering with diverse firms. Lately, stores are beginning to accept the digital asset as a means of payment and this has contributed to its growth.

As at the time of writing, Electroneum is trading at $0.007041 USD, and has witnessed over 13% value rise. Four hours ago, the digital currency saw over 20% price surge.

With this pace, Electroneum (ETN) has the clout to become an indispensable coin used in day to day buying and selling.

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