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Why DigiByte (DGB) is a Great Project to know about

DigiByte (DGB) -Since the Advent of Bitcoin in 2009 cryptocurrency has become a significant player in the financial industry with several cryptos springing here and there. The cryptocurrency boom in late 2017 also contributed huge publicity for cryptos.

Since Bitcoin has more than 30% of the total market share, it has become imperative for new coins known as altcoins to use its shortcomings to establish their premise. This has led to the creation of popular coins such as Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and DigiByte, among others.

What Is DigiByte (DGB)

However, while many have wailing over the loss of their investment on a coin, there is an altcoin worthy of keeping in your crypto wallet as it has become one of the fastest growing virtual tokens.

Known as DigiByte (DGB), it has worded itself with latest technological advancements aimed at positioning it as a future rival for Bitcoin.

DigiByte recently made a name for itself with its humanitarian campaign in Venezuela and is close to being adopted as a major form of transaction in the South American nation.

DigiByte was established in 2014 by developer Jared Tate aka DigiMan, a reputable businessman who is highly respected in the business world.

Regarded as one of the stable and secure altcoins in the crypto sphere due to its reputation, DigiByte is currently ranked 34th on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $308million and 10billion DGB in circulation.

It is also one of the low-priced coins to purchase, with a present trading value of $0.03, although it was traded for $0.1 earlier this year.  The blockchain company has shown extensive improvements on its platform.

DigiBytyte has positioned itself to become an industry giant with several features which has seen it proffer solutions to major Blockchain problems.

DigiByte (DGB) In For Long Term With Innovative Technology

DGB is a practically stable currency to Hodl as it comes with a limited supply of 21 billion DGB which are to be mined within 21 years. This gives DGB stability as it is likely to be around for a long time and features a unique technology makeup.

Digibyte uses a multi-algorithm which allows secure mining of DGB and prevent hacks and DDoS attacks on the network protocol. This allows foolproof security, making DigiByte one of the safest coin to have in your portfolio.

If you’re into crypto for the long haul, then it is advisable to invest in DGB as it has over the past 4 years displayed stability. DigiByte is also among the fastest cryptos in transactions recording 30 times the speed of Bitcoin transactions.

Despite this fantastic speeds, DigiByte comes with low transaction speeds wand has emerged as one of the fastest blockchain networks. The mining also takes little time and uses less energy than bitcoin.

DigiByte (DGB) Uses Latest Innovative Technology

DigiByte has shown its capacity to follow new trend and is developed with future technology such as easy integration of IoT devices into its blockchain. This makes DGB one of the few cryptocurrencies with a combination of Artificial Intelligence alongside its existing Blockchain technology.

This would place it at the apex to achieve scalability and become one of the most advanced Blockchains regarding transaction reliability and speed. Recently, DigiByte developed its Digi-ID authenticator which allows for smooth and intuitive user experience.

DigiByte currently runs the most extended and fastest blockchain blocks with over 5 million blocks which dwarfs major coins such as Bitcoin 490,000 blocks closely followed by Ethereum 4.2million blocks. Making it a top class coin in terms of handling multiple transactions simultaneously with pace.

DigiByte (DGB), One Of The Strongest Security Conscious Crypto

The activation of Segwit last year saw the Blockchain launching a unique technology which uses smart contracts and orders to access Inter blockchain exchanges. The DigiShield and Multishield gives DigiByte military styled encryption of transaction

The altcoin which is consistent and committed to development in the crypto community ensures anonymous transactions and has so far not experienced any major security breach, which is a milestone used to judge significant cryptos. The Segwit launch has also enabled DigiByte to achieve block creation every 15 seconds which is 30times faster than Bitcoin.

Smooth Performance Of Inter Block Chain Transfers

With Segwit technology, DigiByte permits users to access trade between different Cryptocurrencies. Since Segwit enables decentralization of exchanges, this means that you can perform separate transactions between exchanges.

The Blocknet feature also allows inter currency exchange between Bitcoin and DigiByte.  Transactions are processed via blocknet without any involvement of a third party broker. Blocknet is a further improvement on the initial Blockchain concept.


Since the launch of DigiByte (DGB) in 2014; it has displayed that it is here for a long run, unlike several coins that make short profits and go bust like pump and dump. DigiByte has invested in new technologies, and with the 21 years coin creation phase, it is undoubtedly here for a stay.

DigiByte from all signals would be one of the few winners when the next boom of cryptocurrency takes place.

It is better late than never, get DigiByte and HODL it as you would realize in the next few years that your investment is worth it.

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