How ReddCoin’s (RDD) ReddID Brought Revolution To Social Tipping

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It appears ReddCoin’s (RDD) ReddID has solved the long-discussed problem in social tipping with the release of a seamless microtransactions via the Chrome extension. Owing to this, analysts are pointing that this solution is the missing link in the microtransactions world.

On the 30th of October, Reddcoin unveiled its ReddID wallet pointing that it is closer to its major goal of achieving the much-awaited Monetized “Love” button social platforms users are hoping to get anytime soon.

In the past, Patreon was here to bring with something closer by making easy, tipping internet users whose contents are worth being compensated. However, the idea died sooner than expected.

With the advent of blockchain technology, the tipping brought in by Reddcoin especially with the introduction of ReddID is more than fascinating, it makes tipping frictionless and secure without exorbitant charges.

With the introduction of ReddID, media advertisement could be something of the past, as well, and microtransactions could take the place while giving readers the opportunity to compensate the creator of contents.

When Media Becomes Decentralized

The introduction of Twitter, Facebook and other medium brought in centralization, and content creators are not celebrated for anything, even after these platforms make a lot from their contents.

While it is known that other platforms like Steemit, Brave Browser, Monogram, MINDS, SingularDTV, and Ujo Music are blockchain ideas working towards returning power to the people, ReddCoin’s innovation is that solve it all protocol that blockchain enthusiasts are willing to fall for.

After unveiling ReddID, to make it completely clear to people that the innovation is unmatched, the Team Co-Leader Jay Laurence said: Cryptocurrency was created to be egalitarian, honest, and transparent. It was meant to break down borders and create a genuine global community.

With the release of ReddID, the all-volunteer team at Reddcoin Core are furthering our key values of continuing what cryptocurrency was intended to do in the first place.

Reddcoin is one of the first altcoins, and has always led the way in making the experience of crypto fun, educational and safe.

Beyond Crypto, ReddID Makes Wallet Easy To Remember

The need to make cryptowallet simple to remember is ReddID’s other goal. Users can use a simple username as wallet, and tipping via social platforms will go directly to their wallet without any problem. In fact, they can connect all their social platforms with this ReddID and use it for any tipping process.

At the moment, there is hope that ReddID will take the position of every possible tipping process that might have existed in the past.

However, it might have to clash with Ripple’s Coil and may be Basic Attention Token’s (BAT) brave browser. Before any clash, there is hope ReddCoin would have ascended the cliff.

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