IOTA Reveals Update On Trinity Wallet: Plans Ongoing For Trinity V2

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IOTA (MIOTA) continues to make inroads into different sectors with a combination of partnerships and effective blockchain solutions. One aspect in which the cryptocurrency has intensified efforts is with its native Trinity wallet.

IOTA had earlier in July released a stable and complete version of the wallet after months of work and updates to the beta versions.

The blockchain firm yesterday released a press release on its blog about the current updates to the current Trinity wallet version. According to IOTA, the Trinity wallet has been a success since its releases in July with thousands of users downloading the wallet on different devices. ‘

IOTA Releases New Updates And Features To Trinity Wallet V1

Despite this, IOTA has continued to make more updates and have added new features to the Trinity V1.  The latest updates are to fix outstanding bugs and crash reports  which would make the wallet user-friendly and easy to use.

Some of the features that have been added to Trinity V1 includes Ledger Nano X Bluetooth support which has been added to the mobile versions of the Trinity wallet.  with this support, users would be able to secure their funds with a ledger Nano X.

The Wallet has also integrated a trinity desktop developer mode and a utility tool that would enable better checks on address spend status when sending transactions.

IOTA has also resolved the pending issue of recovery of tokens that users faced with the initial updates.

IOTA Have Already Begun Plans For Trinity Wallet V2

The report also revealed that the blockchain platform is working towards releasing a newer Trinity V2.  Plans have already begun, with the project currently in the designing phase.

It is understood that the new wallet would have a highly modular system built around a core account module. This is in line with the latest trend for newer wallets.

In addition, the wallet would have advanced protocols that would enable third-party plug-ins to access core functions. This would lead to better functionality and a better user interface for users.

It is most likely that the new Trinity wallet will most likely be released in the first quarter of 2020 given the planning and research that goes into developing a stable wallet.

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