IOTA’s (MIOTA) Kiri, Chatangle, mHealth and SDPP Projects Designed for the Millenial Audience

IOTA Welcomes Globally Recognised Research Professor to Boost its Success in IoT Space

IOTA (MIOTA)“Millenials” is a term used to describe a generation of people that place great value on self and hinge success or failure on individualistic, rather than collective effort. This generation is basically driven by the Rene Des Carte philosophy of individualism: I think, therefore, I am. So, we don’t have to mince words when we say this present generation is part of the Millenials.

Millennials place an emphasis on bringing meaningful work into being, finding an innovative opening, and have a preference for instant feedback.  Findings also suggest the introduction of social media has amplified collaborative skills and fashioned out a preference for a team-oriented environment.

IOTA (MIOTA) Found the Right Audience

Millennials have been identified as “digital natives” by the Pew Research Center which carried out a survey titled “Millennials in Adulthood”. Millennials use social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., to create a different sense of belonging, make acquaintances, and to remain connected with friends.

With them, there is dependence on technology, and the social media sphere is commoditized. This is particularly interesting because it was predicted that the extensive use of internet and mobile technology starting at a young age is a defining trait of Millenials and it is on this note that the discussion on IOTA’s contribution to humanity would kick off.

Chatangle for the Technologically Dependent

Taking Cognizance of the fact that this is a generation that places value on identity and self image, IOTA has through the Chatangle project offered a means of hooking up with millions of other people across the globe.

This would foster the need to belong and enhance the desire of many to be in charge of their world. Chatangle is a free decentralized global chatroom that runs on the IOTA tangle and each of the messages broadcasted through the app requires a Proof of Work to submit.

With Chatangle, messages are encrypted so people can be sure of a measure of control and thus, enjoy the much desired privacy.

The Chatangle application features live updates, supports all languages and is naturally spam resistant. Isn’t this some super good news for the digital natives?!

The Chatangle application is of great relevance because in a generation that is always on the move, being and remaining current is greatly appreciated. Thus, IOTA Chatangle application should be all the rave since it offers this service without stress.

The fact that it also incorporates all languages means that no race or culture would be sidelined on the basis of language. In this wise, Chatangle lives up to its appellation as a Global Chatroom.

This is all thanks to Peter Ryszkiewicz, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and  software engineer, who deployed his skills and worked  in collaboration with the Iota team to enhance a global family by coming up with the global Chatroom powered by the Tangle-  Chatangle.

Streaming Data Payment Protocol (SDPP) in a Speed-Defined Age

As interesting as it is to chat for hours on end without a care in the world, when the issue of data crops up, it seems to darken the countenance of many a social media devout. This is because, taking out extra time to find money and the get data is tells on the tempo of the chat and can even affect the enthusiasm with which it was initially done!

So, IOTA didn’t just come up with a global chatroom, she foresaw the challenge of getting data and so designed an immediate solution for the problem in the form of the Streaming Data Payment Protocol wherein one has the double advantage of requesting for data, paying for it and getting feedback simultaneously. Here is a paraphrase of the description the  IOTA website gives this innovative solution:

“It is helpful for data consumers to be able to effortlessly get data streams in return for monetary payments and so bi-directional automatic data micro payment channels wherein data flows in one direction and micro payments in the other… is a feasible projection. And that is what IOTA offers with SDPP. The project would be implemented using TCP for data transport and IOTA as both cryptocurrency and a distributed ledger”.

Debut mHealth Project for an Access Freaky Generation

IOTA also does not leave the health sector unattended because of the understanding that health is wealth.  Through the mHealth project, IOTA would use MAM-based solutions for EHR (Electronic Health Records) with business development pursuits. The focal point of this project is that IOTA offers to help put medical records on the IOTA Tangle network through a debut protocol.

This project would be of interest to people who are always on the move because as they change locations they should be able to transfer records of their medical history with them. This would not be possible with the system of medical record keeping on ground where the individual cannot access his records because it is stored away in some grand “silo”.

For the individual, it is much better to simply have an app that is a dashboard to their entire lifetime of records, and they simply allow new access manually or as a matter of the policy they explicitly or implicitly set.

The most applicable use case scenario here is HL7 messages, such as with readings from IoT telemedicine devices. HL7 is already a robust solution for capturing and bundling these healthcare events and the relevant data, and so we will adopt HL7 to the Tangle, via a protocol –The Debut Protocol.

However, as the scenarios for use grows either from a business perspective or adoption schedule, the project team can expand upon this message format. A doctor visit or hospitalization event, for example, can consist of diagnoses and tests bundled together.

IOTA Reference Implementation for Kura (Kiri)

And then finally, on this note, IOTA offers an opportunity to run a private IOTA testnet on Low cost Single Board Computers (LCSBCs) without stress.  This project is an IOTA Reference Implementation for Kura, an extensible open source IoT Edge Framework based on Java/OSGi.

Kura offers a platform that can live at the border linking the private device network and the local network, public Internet or cellular network providing a controllable and smart gateway for that boundary with the capacity to run applications that can gather locally gathered information and deliver it reliably to the cloud.

Kiri is an application for Kura, an Eclipse IoT project that provides a platform for constructing IoT gateways.

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