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Justin Sun’s Views About XRP Seems To Be Materializing

It will take another Jesus to tackle another person’s issues headlong as if it were his. Such is the case in the crypto community as the CEO of Tron (TRX), Justin Sun had drummed support for Ripple (XRP). Though this might pass as gimmicks to draw sentiments that will have users leveraging on his sportsmanship to adopt TRX, it seems Sun’s disposition to Ripple (XRP) is genuine.

Justin Sun, known for his outspokenness and contributions to blockchain subject-matters had hinted on salient points on Ripple (XRP). Among his views was massive adoption that awaits XRP in future. These and other perceptions he held about the coin is materializing and it now leaves users wondering his interest on the digital currency.

Why The Interest In Ripple (XRP)

Despite having his own firm, Tron (TRX), Justin Sun had taken to Twitter and other platforms at different times to express his joy at Ripple’s (XRP) success, especially when the cross border remittance specialist  currency temporarily overtook the second position from Ethereum (ETH). Feelers began to emerge that Sun who runs Tron (TRX) might have some stake in Ripple (XRP).

He had taken to Twitter to posit a Bill Clinton keynote address at the Ripple (XRP)-organized Swell Event and recognition accorded the coin by the PNC Bank were signs that lots of good tidings awaiting the coin. However, the last line had gone the extra mile to assuage his hold on Ripple (XRP).

Haven acclaimed himself a shareholder on Ripple (XRP), there leaves no doubt that Sun, who worked in different capacities for Ripple (XRP) before creating Tron (TRX) has a stake in Ripple (XRP) and this might perhaps be the reason why he keeps expressing views about the coin.

Justin Sun’s Belief on Bank’s Adoption of Ripple (XRP)

Justin Sun had aired his view on Ripple’s (XRP) cross-border product, xCurrent. Soon after the PNC Bank had taken into cognizance the impressive upsides that come with using xCurrent for cross-border transactions, Sun had in a tweet, congratulated Ripple (XRP) for its recent surges in the market and further posited that the coin will have more platforms embracing it.

This was soon to materialize with the launch of xRapid, a product that will further increase Ripple’s (XRP) stake in cross-border transactions. So far, both xCurrent and xRapid have been adopted by many banks for their international transfer needs. This proves that Ripple (XRP) is going places and Justin Sun’s disposition to the coin is becoming reality.

Ripple’s Surge is Bank-Motivated

Haven held key positions at Ripple (XRP), Justin Sun seems to have inside information about the coin. His tweet congratulating Ripple (XRP) on job well done in getting PNC Bank on its side also had undertones.

The underlying fact therein is of the opinion that Ripple’s (XRP) surge was because financial institutions such as PNC Bank had adopted the coin’s protocol. It also went ahead to posit that other financial platforms will soon recognize the impact blockchain is making and in addition, will cease opportunity to adopt the technology for their businesses.

PNC Bank: Justin Sun’s Prediction at a glance

Ripple (XRP) had been on major onslaught to wade off challenges that limits its adoption. On September 21 2018, XRP had been on consistent bullish race. This paid off by the end of the day leaving Ripple (XRP) on the second spot in market cap after beating Ethereum (ETH).

Though it had returned to its earlier 3rd spot, Ripple’s (XRP) topple of Ethereum further proved Justin Sun’s perception that the coin will go places. Ripple’s (XRP) partnership with PNC Bank is one too many. In the long run, Justin Sun’s disposition to the coin’s futuristic tendencies will become reality.

Ripple (XRP) had gone into partnership with PNC Bank as part of its moves to have further cross-border scopes. PNC Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S is using Ripple’s (XRP) RippleNet for cross-border transactions.

Though transactions will be fast for the bank, there is another undertone to the partnership. The U.S had been reputed for its stand against use of crypto coins and the blockchain in transactions within the region.

Is it now ironical that PNC Bank is keying into the blacklisted sector and is the partnership further confirmation of Justin Sun’s prediction of blockchain’s massive adoption? This seems to be the case here.

Predicting Ripple (XRP) and Blockchain’s Future

Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun might have made the tweet to congratulate Ripple (XRP) on its success but there is more than meets the eye. If the kite constructed by PNC Bank with the use of RippleNet flies, then the U.S and perhaps other countries will have no doubt in using the blockchain technology and Ripple’s XRP for international transactions.

If the U.S, the hitherto Pharaoh of the blockchain technology is captured by PNC Bank’s use of RippleNet, then the era for blockchain utilization is about to be ushered in.

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