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Latest: Tron (TRX) and Bitcoin Officially Integrated on Opera Mobile Browser

After a preannouncement in May 2019, Tron (TRX) and Bitcoin blockchain have been officially integrated on Opera, one of the most renowned lightweight and data saver browsers across the globe.

The update, dedicated to android users alone, comes with app version 54.0.2672.49578 and a number of new features like Chromium 76 and refreshed UI.

The integration of Tron (TRX) and Bitcoin will give Opera’s over 300 million users access to the two digital currencies, handing them the possibility of using the cryptocurrencies for commercial purposes via the wallet embedded in the browser.

The Opera’s cryptocurrency wallet was unveiled in December 2018 with support for Ethereum cryptocurrency and all ERC20 standard tokens.

The latest development supports Tron Dapps, allowing Opera users to have access to Tron games and other Tron-based decentralized applications.

The Opera mobile browser’s latest update comes with other features like notification adjustment, WebAuthn support, and improvement on video streaming which allows playback.

Also, Ethereum blockchain was given another advantage via the update with users being granted the ability to select the gas price for ETH transactions.

The development is addressed as an important add-on for Tron blockchain technology, eyed with the possibility of increasing the adoption of the blockchain network and its market price.

Rumor that Tron Foundation is Partnering Samsung Thickens

There is a widespread rumor in the cryptocurrency space that Tron Foundation is partnering with Samsung after NewsLogical published that the creator of TRON blockchain and CEO of BitTorrent was going to speak at Samsung Developers Conference 2019 (SDC).

At the SDC 2019, Justin Sun and Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and a host of top IT professionals are going to be speaking.

Justin Sun, who hinted at the cryptocurrency world of the development also promised a giveaway of Samsung Galaxy Tab.

When pestered to hint if TRON would be partnering with Samsung before the event, Justin Sun scheduled further talks on the matter till the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Justin Sun has not been placed on Samsung Developer Summit’s website like other identified keynote speakers, but it has been confirmed on SDC’s Twitter page that the entrepreneur would be joining other invited guest at the event.

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