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Lighting Bitcoin (BTC): Former Miss Universe Enters The Lightning Torch Party

The campaign for Bitcoin adoption is still on in full-swing as Bitcoin’s Lightning Torch takes a tour around the world, changing hands from one cool person to another.

After Jeremias Kangas, the founder of Localbitcoins, former contestant for Miss Universe Rosa-Maria Rytti held the torch. Rosa is the Miss Universe Finland 2015.

Lightning Torch: What About It?

In January this year, the Lightning Torch relay was began as just a stress test for Bitcoin’s new Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is an off-chain scalability function that will enable the Bitcoin network to increase its transaction processing speed as well as improve scalability for more of the crypto’s use cases.

Since it started, the Lightning Torch has passed through the hands of various high-profile people within the crypto community and beyond. The objective of passing the torch around is to have every torch bearer contribute about 10,000 Satoshis to the event before they can pass it over to the next bearer.

As of now, the Lightning Torch has had about 275 bearers, with only 8 to go before the target total of 5 million Satoshis is achieved. At this stage of the relay, the network has 7,876 nodes, 39,000 channels, and a capacity of 1080 BTC.

Lightning Torch Ventures Outside Crypto

This is the second time the Lightning Torch has been passed over to someone who isn’t a crypto bigwig.

In February, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey held the torch as the first person to hold it outside of the crypto community. Jack is currently working on a payment solutions start-up called Square, and has expressed intentions to integrate the Lightning Network with his system.

The Money

The money contributed during the Torch trip will go towards helping the suffering people in Venezuela in an initiative called Bitcoin Venezuela.

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