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Litecoin Foundation is Finalizing a Lightning Dedicated Project

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Litecoin Foundation is finalizing a lightning-centric project, Litecoin co-creators have hinted, but they have not been specific on what exactly the team is designing. The unnamed project, is to be unveiled at the Second Annual Litecoin Summit coming up in the next seven days at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, USA.

As revealed by one of the Litecoin Foundation’s directors and co-founder of Coinut Exchange, Xinxi Wang, the big project is being developed by Loshan, a reputable Litecoin developer since 2013.

Loshan works on the Litecoin Core full node software and Loafwallet, referenced as the largest standalone Litecoin Wallet. While replying Wang, Loshan said the project has to do with lightning.

According to, Loshan is not going to be speaking at the Litecoin Summit, making it appear that the project won’t be unveiled at the Litecoin Summit next week.

“Something to do with ⚡”

The project may be a distinct mobile Lightning wallet for Litecoin cryptocurrency.

For now, revealed that Loshan is not working on LoafWallet, and has been focused on the new but unnamed Lightning project expected to be unveiled soon.

The progress comes few days after the Litecoin Foundation announced a partnership with San Diego International Film Festival (SDFF).

According to the Litecoin Foundation, those who attend the 2019 SDIFF, purchased the festival pass for 6-day event are to receive some Litecoin, and idea focused on increasing the usage of Litecoin.

Meanwhile, the Litecoin summit is to feature bigwigs in the blockchain world. The likes of Anthony Pompliano, Caitlin Long, Alex Mashinsky, Bobby Lee, TokenPay’s Derek Capo, and Ben Askren, a Professional MMA, are to grace the occasion.

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