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McAfee’s ‘First Truly Decentralized Exchange’ to Add TRON (TRX), EOS, BNB

Bitcoin’s Present Growth Is a Little Compared to What is Coming – John McAfee

McAfeeDex, said to be the first truly decentralized exchange that cannot be shut down by anybody, will be integrating TRON (TRX), EOS, NEO and Binance blockchain this November, the founder of the exchange fugitive John McAfee has said.

John McAfee in a tweet indicated that TRON would be added on November 8th, 2019.

However, in an interview, the veteran security expert said EOS, NEO and Binance Coin are to be added in the first quarter of 2020. McAfee’s DEX will also introduce cross chains before the first quarter of 2020.

McAfee said he invented the decentralized exchange to make people have their funds under their personal guidance without government having access to it.

The crypto big daddy said his exchange is fashioned to make people’s fund inaccessible and untrackable by third party.

“I created something that can’t be shut down. Did I ask a regulator? Fuck no, it was none of their business.”

Earlier, when McAfeeDEX was launched in October, TRON enthusiasts demanded that TRX be included in the exchange. At that time, McAfee promised to include the digital token which also holds unto decentralization as a key value.

The TRON ecosystem is growing with lots of developments. This week, TRON blockchain was included on Samsung Blockchain Keystore, a progress that makes users of Samsung smartphone have TRX wallet on their phones. Also, developers can easily deploy TRON blockchain Api in their projects.

TRON has sealed several partnership lately. One of them was the EOS largest dApp, EOS Knight, that moved to TRON Blockchain in October.

Importantly, China’s latest blockchain rating placed TRON ahead of many other cryptocurrency, with the project taking the second position with big cryptocurrencies behind it.

As well, TRON jumped to the 10th position late October after many making worthwhile progress within a very short time.

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