Nasdacoin (NSD) Fights Bear Market With 360% Gain

There is Nasdacoin (NSD), a cryptocurrency that no one has been talking about until this time. Some crypto lovers do not believe in the potentials of Nasdacoin until now that it sees around 360% despite the status of the market. Massive development!

Although, the cryptocurrency is not spoken about as much as other coins in the space, as we write now, Nasdacoin is ranked 68th according to CoinMarketCap, joining respected coins in that realm while driving close to the top 50 currencies as well. As at the time of writing Nasdacoin (NSD) trades at $4.50.

As other cryptos see bearishness, Nasdacoin is fighting the bear jumping ahead of other coins that have been plummeting all this while.

This recent development has placed Nasdacoin in the limelight. Nothing is behind the price upsurge other than the multilateral platform that was newly launched on 30 October, 2018.

Nasdacoin (NSD) Intraday Price Analysis

The present situation in the crypto market seems a bit weird. While the market chiefs are buoying with massive value loss, an unsung coin in the cryptospace is at the moment displaying flamboyant gain, making it stand imposingly amongst it contemporaries.

Since the last 7 seven days, Nasdacoin (NSD) has been adding to its value progressively in the crypto space.

At the beginning of the last seven days, trade pair NSD/USD was valued $0.4696, and as the pair continued to add to its value gradually, NSD/USD price had risen to $1.03 at the end of the European trading session on November 14.

In the last 24 hours, the trade pair again made massive gain. After attaining $1.03, the upside trend of the altcoin changed to a more bullish one, and by mid Asian trading session today, the altcoin has seen mammoth gain while maintaining its upside trend. Its value had upped to $5.11, the altcoin’s highest price for the day as at press time.

Nasdacoin Nsd Intraday Price Analysis

After reaching the peak, the NSD’s value plunged gradually to $3.47 against dollar at the start of the European trading session today before returning on the rising wedge against resistant level.

At the moment, NSD/USD is priced $4.48 with about 360% value addition in the last 24 hours. Similarly according to Coinranking, the trade pair added 811.53% to its value in the last 7 days.

What Is Nasdacoin (NSD)?

Nasdacoin is a decentralised, p2p, and open source digital currency innovated with scrypt algorithm in the POW/POS Hybrid format.

The digital currency allows interested and passionate entrepreneurs and people with financial and technological market knowledge to keep their wealth in a safe currency that is free from any government’s maneuvering while they earn from their investment.

Unlike some cryptos, Nasdacoin can be mined by all and sundry with the use of Asic mining or Rig CPU/GPU via Nasdapool ( Those without mining knowledge can use mining POS acquiring NSD and save it in a window wallet.

Nasdacoin platform has internal and external exchange where traders can trade and earn profits from a fluid system with very low rates.

The platform makes it easy for users to change NSD to BTC and vice versa any time without hindrance.

Nasdacoin offers investment programme that makes it possible for investors to gain up to 25% profits with a certain bonus.

Disclaimer: Our writers invest in cryptocurrencies and it is possible the author of this article has investment in any of the digital currencies discussed. Some times author's presented information may be laced with opinions. Treat articles as mere information and not as financial advice.

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  • This is a scam coin, pump dump.
    It has no differential.
    The dev is known to have founded several financial pyramid schemes in the past.
    What makes you think it will be different now?
    Whoever punches once, applies two, three, ten.

  • Sir/Madam

    This serves to enquire about NasdaCoin (NSD) investment. If I start with a R3,000.00 Capital investment value how much should I expect to earn on daily, weekly and monthly basis? Also please kindly provide me with a registration link to open a live account. Last but not least :”Is there an auto-trading option to accommodate those new investors who are unable to to trade manual?

    Tandisile Nyhiba