Newly Launched Electroneum’s (ETN) Freelance Platform AnyTask Garners 80,000 Sign-ups

The newly launched Electroneum’s (ETN) freelance platform has seen over 80,000 sign-ups with over 700 tasks created, New Logical has been briefed.

The freelance platform which was created to be a competitor with global platform like Fiverr, among others, went global with a soft launch after weeks of successful internal and external beta testing.

The CEO and Founder of Electroneum, Richard Ells, made the revelation that AnyTask now has over 80,000 sign-ups with hundreds of sellers creating tasks. “Currently, there are over 700 live tasks, and nearly 100 have been purchased from buyers before we’ve even started running ads,” explains Richard Ells.

While AnyTask is still at its infant stages, Electroneum will initiate a marketing campaign purposely to attract buyers in March, 2020. At the moment, AnyTask is offering opportunities for people across the universe to sell their skills via the internet and earn Electroneum in return. As is of other platform, AnyTask does not require that a seller has a bank account. The platform allows users to keep 100% of their profits.

“AnyTask gives you access to thousands of buyers from around the world,” adds Ells.

“Our revolutionary approach provides buyers with a socially responsible way to hire freelancers that also costs less than other leading freelance platforms.”

The decentralized freelance market place has the possibility of increasing the Electroneum ecosystem.

Electroneum has been performing excellently in recent time. The crypto platform makes it easy for its users to purchase mobile credit top-up using ETN. Mobile phone users in Africa have the opportunity to top-up their phones with Electroneum.

The blockchain platform has attracted 3.7 million users within two years. Electroneum’s adoption across developing world is a boost to the progress of cryptocurrency. The blockchain platform is among the few that is insusceptible to 51% attack.