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niTROn 2019: Justin Sun Predicts 2k DApps For Tron (TRX) This Year

Since the launch of Mainnet Tron (TRX) and its team, especially its back bone, CEO Jutsin Sun have been evangelizing for the creation of DApp on the network of the blockchain technology. Undoubtedly, the evangelism had great impact, as developer began to deploy their decentralized applications on the network.

Aside the zealous advocacy, Tron blockchain is sure a great place to deploy DApp. Tron boasts of being 100x faster than the previous home for DApps, Ethereum (ETH).

On the same old story, founder Justin Sun, at the much lauded niTROn 2019 conference which hosted several who is who from the nooks and cranny of the world, stated that he envisions 2k dApps for Tron (TRX) this year.

This was made known in a tweet issued by a member of the Tron Society, Dave, who is believed to be at the conference.

After Afri Schoedon, the hardfork coordinator at Ethereum, cautioned developers from deploying DApps on Ethereum network due to its exhausting capacity, Justin responded with a call requesting for the deployment of DApps on Tron ecosystem.

While calling for DApp deployment on Tron Network in another statement, Sun threw jab at Ethereum and EOS, stating that he’s ready to launch a rescue fund for developers on the two blockchain network.

niTROn 2019 Summit

The hungering Tron summit, niTROn 2019, yesterday took place at San Francisco, and founder Justin Sun in his opening speech, welcomed all attendees to the event.

Later, Sun said with 145 DApps been deployed in just three month, 2019 will surely experience massive deployment.

The head of TRON developer community, at the summit, also made similar assertion, adding that the number of developers have exceeded 3000 people, thus, Tron (TRX) will soon surpass EOS.

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