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Offshore Home Pushes Bitcoin Investors into Government Shackles

Two prominent Bitcoin investors are to face death penalty if found guilty over a floating home that is said to be a bridge of Thailand’s state law.

The duo of Supranee Thepdet, popular called ‘Bitcoin Girl Thailand’ and her prominent crypto investor boyfriend, American born Chad Elwartowski, have been alleged by the Thailand Navyfor disrespecting the country’s dominion by constructing a “seastead” home off the coast of Thailand.

Elwartowski, who was a software engineer for the US military, and Supranee, well know Bitcoin enthusiast, are now facing charges of attempting to intimidate Thailand’s sovereignty after they allegedly built a home 12 nautical miles from shore.

The two have said they were trying to pursue their freedom vision and have not violated any law whatsoever, countering that their water-based resident is 13 nautical miles from the Thailand shore which is outside of Thailand’s territory and not 12 nautical miles as stated by the authority.

Thai Navy Files Complaint against Bitcoin Girl Thailand and Husband

In a complaint letter officially filed by police colonel Nikorn Somsuk at the Phuket police station, the country’s navy said they found a building on the sea without anyone residing therein, in this wise, the Navy “filed a charge citing criminal code article 119” that may result into exterminating of the duo.

While death sentence seems to be the highest penalty they may receive, Nikorn said they are in a talk with the provincial officials “to consider what to do next”.

A Facebook statement by the Royal Thai Navy reflected that the Supranee and Chad “did not seek permission from Thailand” before beginning the construction, an action that reflects that “they do not care about Thailand as a sovereign state.”

“I like the idea of being able to vote with your home. If you don’t like how your community is being run, you just float to a new one,” Elwartowski said.

Elwartowski and Bitcoin Girl Thailand are part of the Ocean Builders, a group of entrepreneurs building residence in water outside government territory.

The group lately demanded that 20 interested investors join their new seasteads innovation to be able to build homes in their firm location, a place that is “just outside of Thailand’s territorial waters.”

“We didn’t do anything on the seastead that was not legal on land but the feeling of being free is just amazing,” Elwartowski said.

Meanwhile, Ocean Builders have stated on their website that Chad and Supranee were not behind the construction of the seastead.

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