Privacy Policy

It is part of the ethic of NewsLogical to respect our readers’ privacy as regards information we collect upon visiting our website.

The first thing to note is that we collect our visitors’ personal and non-personally-identifying data purposely to improve on our website and the services we offer. At the same time, information collected are used in different forms to determine the rate of our progress, how and what we still need to add to make NewsLogical worthwhile.

However, we do not track you the moment you are no longer on our website.

NewsLogical does not share submitted data with any firm for money or any form of gain. These data include email, name and any other information submitted on NewsLogical.

We keep your information submitted during subscription to our newsletter or other forms i.e. when you use our contact us page or when you drop comments on our articles.

We reserve the right to edit this privacy policy anytime.

Last time Edited: 27th June, 2020.