Pundi X (NPXS) POS Lands In Nigeria

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Pundi X (NPXS) POS is now being used in Nigeria, and the first live Bitcoin (BTC) To Naira (NGN) transaction on XPOS terminal has successfully been perfected in Nigeria.

A statement by Pundi X reflects that one Ndukwe Ezenwa, MD of Joetech system and some NPXS contributors are behind this move, and pushing for crypto adoption courtesy Pundi X technology in Africa.

This is a huge news for Verge (XVG), Stellar (XLM), NEM (XEM) enthusiasts because the digital currencies have been adopted by Pundi X earlier before this move.

As we speak now, Pundi XPOS is now being distributed in Brazil, and around 1000 is expected to be used in the country this year.

After August 1, around 5,000 XPOS are being deployed to Switzerland, Brazil, UK, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Now, Nigeria and other African countries are to benefit in this massive development centered on increasing the use cases of cryptocurrency.

Countries like Nigeria can benefit the most from this idea considering the population and the number of people using cryptocurrency in the country. Also, Zimbabwe which is suffering from inflation can receive consolation from digital currencies.

Mass Adoption: How Pundi X is doing it

With Pundi X technology (XPOS, and crypto debit card), it is easy to sum of that the platform is doing great in bringing about the much debated mass adoption.

Pundi XPOS can be used in retail shops for cheap crypto to fiat conversion that is being seeing as hindrance to mass adoption all over the world.

When we look around, many a number of issues are better solved using the opportunities provided by cryptocurrency, especially hyperinflation bedeviling countries like Zimbabwe, Venezuela and even Iran.

All things being equal, if Pundi XPOS is allowed to flourish in some countries, cryptocurrency will enter even the most inner part of the world.

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  • If any thing good is going to happen to Africa, it must first happen to Nigeria. Thanks you Pundi X for the love. We shall be crypto united forever.

  • I have long been thinking about Nigeria and its involvement in crypto. We need to capture Nigeria before we get the rest of Africa. Thats it.Pundi XPOS gooooo captures Africa!

  • I have a problem with Africa, you need to explain and explain to them before they understand things, crypto inclusive. But if Pundi XPOS can enlighten them, good luck then.

  • Well in my case, Africa is not ripe for crypto. The region’s leaders do think it for ponzi. If Pundi X is able to achieve it, good luck then.