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How RChain (RHOC) Is Creating Faster Blockchain Solution That Outperforms Bitcoin


Many blockchain and cryptographic currencies are emerging as days roll by. With over 2,000 cryptographic currencies littering the digital space, it is rather ironical that the number does not posit any positive impact.

Comparisons had been made on the Bitcoin blockchain. At later moments after its launch, there was a seeming discordant tune from what was expected.

The platform hardly processed transactions faster and rarely takes up to 20 transactions per second. It had been serially compared to VISA – a fiat transaction channel. The latter’s throughput was a thousand miles away from what you get from Bitcoin.

Emerging blockchain platforms offered their side of the coin. Though many had improved from the 10 TPS rate, available figures based on transaction rates are not favorable and not in line with what the blockchain stood for.

RChain is one out of many blockchains and cryptographic currencies that is using impressive features in actualizing the core aim of the chain technology.

Previous chain platforms had performed remarkably well but the paradise is yet to be sighted. What assurance is on ground that RChain will be better? Perhaps a look at its features might give a tip towards that end.

A Journey of Thousand Miles

What would be your perception if you get informed of a platform that can have same content as Facebook. Wouldn’t it be daring to posit another platform can outperform VISA? These citations illustrate RChain’s goal. They are no mean feat, so RChain has a huge task to achieve.

There are hundreds of blockchain platforms in the digital space today. Each works at its own pace and dictates. This might be seen as decentralization in action. But wouldn’t it be better having all these platforms under one umbrella?

The combination of multiple chain platforms might facilitate more throughputs and in the long run, there will be a unified solution to scalability issues on the blockchain. That is one out of many solutions RChain has in stock for current downsides in the blockchain technology.


At the core of RChain is the need to function as one. The platform has a cooperative that comprises the team and other members of the platform. Through this channel, there will be faster implementation of RChain’s motives.

Decision-making is solely left within members’ ambient. The cooperative for one will oversee activities on RChain and membership attracts a one-time $20 fee.

Smart Contract – Core of RChain’s Scalability

Scalability had been the core reason why many blockchain platforms and cryptographic currencies had not been able to see daylight. Smart contracts play vital roles in ensuring swift movement on chain platforms. RChain is bringing new smart contract to the platform.

RChain has a special smart contract technology that is written with the RhoLang. It is important to note that RChain (RHOC) targets making blockchain platforms intertwined for better functionality. Its smart contract written with a special programming language known as Reflective Higher-Order Language (RhoLang) makes way for faster smart contracts and to that end – much scalability.

Virtual Machine

RChain also has a virtual machine that enhances the work of its smart contract. The Rho Virtual Machine (RhoVM) is a Byzantine fault-tolerant and Turing-complete virtual machine. RhoVM takes cognizance of smart contracts and executes same.

When executing smart contracts, RhoVM runs the system concurrently; carrying everything along. The presence of RChain’s smart contract and virtual machine technologies facilitate the concurrency of blockchains. Unlike separate developments that were obtainable, the duo will build chain platforms at the same time.

RChain’s Virtual Machine – A Daniel come to Judgment

RChain has through the integration of its virtual machine and smart contracts, opened up avenues for more scalability of its platform and has also set standards for subsequent blockchains to follow.

Execution of smart contracts by RhoVM breeds another revolution on RChain. For one, there is independence of smart contracts. Hence, the platform is well-divided and activities well-coordinated.

Thanks to the RhoVm, there is great scalability on RChain. Nodes pattern themselves accordingly as the platform progresses.

Namespaces – New Approach to Virtual Address

Blockchain platforms have their digital addresses that are sometimes differentiated by their public keys. RChain makes this easier by developing a new concept known as Namespaces. These are set of numbered addresses that can be used in tracking a network. This is easier and less tedious when compared to public keys.

Developers can also use the automated framework of Namespaces in determining behavioral activities of smart contracts.

Scalability is the Key

Scalability is the core force behind decentralized platforms. From what has been seen on RChain, there leaves no doubt that the platform will do better than previous chain platforms.

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