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Ripple Ranks Third-Largest Unicorn in Crypto Sphere, Joins Blockchain Association

Ripple Celebrates The 7th Anniversary. What Are The Main Achievements Of The Project?

Ripple company takes the third place in the ranking of “unicorns” in the crypto space, according to the Hurun Research Institute.

In total, analysts counted eleven startups with an estimate of over $ 1 billion in the crypto sphere.

The TOP-3 of crypto companies includes Bitmain ($ 12 bln), Coinbase ($ 8 bln), and Ripple ($ 5 bln).

The total number of “unicorns” in the tech sector is about 500 companies. Based on the number of “unicorns” that operate in the country, China occupies a leading position.

The total capitalization of blockchain companies is near $ 41 billion, or 2% of the total capitalization of all existing “unicorns”.

Blockchain startups are the youngest companies among other ones that analysts at the Hurun Research Institute study. One of them is Ripple, which has achieved significant success in the technology sector regardless of its youth.

Ripple Opens Office In D.C. And Joins The Blockchain Association

Law enforcement practice and understanding of problems in the field of regulation of digital technologies is moving to a new stage.

Technology outruns us with incredible speed. The rules of the “traditional” legal structures are not always applicable to new relationships. The labor, financial legislation, legislation on legal proceedings, enforcement proceedings, notaries, information, document management, reporting, intellectual property laws, and others need adaptation.

To keep their positions at high levels, companies often have to work with regulators from different countries. Therefore, companies meet together and are steady in purpose.

Thus, Ripple keeps expanding its presence and opens the GR office in Washington this time.

In addition, the company joined the Blockchain Association to interact experience with regulators all over the world for further development of innovation. This will be achieved through discussions with politicians and regulators.

Craig Phillips, a new member of the Ripple Board of Directors, will assist the company in strategic regulation as Ripple expands its global network. The association included a number of new personalities like Michelle Bond, head of public relations at Ripple, who also joins the Board of Directors.

The Blockchain Association will act as a bridge between politicians and technology companies. This will help to develop innovation not only of Ripple but also of the technology sector as a whole.

The main goal of the team is to convey such opportunities for the blockchain industry as transparency, security, trust and innovation, thanks to the transfer of knowledge and opportunities among like-minded people and politicians.

Today, regulation is a very important aspect that regulators are trying to achieve. All countries, governments, and businesses are rebelling along with clarity of regulation.

“To support the ecosystem together it’s important for continued efforts like the Blockchain Association and the collaborative discussions being held today in D.C. and abroad,” summed up in Ripple.

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