New Ripple’s Release Contains Miscellaneous Improvements Including in The Transaction Censorship Detection Code

Version 1.3.1 of the XRP Ledger has been released with new features, updates, and fixes to the core protocol. Yesterday, on July 25, the Ripple devs team announced a new update of the XRP Ledger protocol called 1.3.1 Rippled.

Note that the steps for installing the new version have been changed to version 1.3.x. You can get more information here.

Release 1.3.1 contains additional options and codebase upgrades. More specifically, among the updates of XRP Protocol are:

  • code to adjust the time of the approval process and support the decentralized validator domain verification;
  • transaction censorship detection code;
  • transaction verification code;
  • manifest parsing code;
  • parsing code for the configuration file;
  • log rotation code.

The engagement with the protocol has been significantly simplified due to the new upgrade. The number of error messages has been reduced, the processing of deadlock conditions has been improved.

The update is currently available on the XRP Ledger test network. To start working with new tools, the user has to update his software to the latest version 1.3.1 on GitHub.

The Latest Events In Ripple’s Space

Recently, representatives of Ripple have published results for the 2Q which described the position of XRP, Xpring and RippleNet. First of all, it is noted the growth of the collaboration level with regulators, as well as the addition of iconic partnerships.

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According to the report, the blockchain continues to progress. It is also important that the company has taken active steps to solve volume problems. The Ripple report demonstrates all items the company achieved in the 2Q of 2019. Ripple stressed the belief in proactive transparency for transactions with cryptocurrency. The project’s representatives encourage all industry participants to follow them, as this will increase trust, contribute to the clearness of transactions.

According to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, it is necessary to bless most time and collaborate with regulators of different countries and organizations.

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