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Ripple Price: Analyst Sees XRP at $5-10 in 9 to 10 Days, $1200 as 2019 Price Limit

Ripple (XRP) Price: Analyst Sees XRP at $5-10 in 9 to 10 Days, $1200 as 2019 Price Limit

The fact that XRP could be the next Bitcoin cannot be ruled out considering how XRP is being adopted across the globe and how Ripple accepted to follow regulatory procedure to increase the adoption of the digital asset.

In 2017, XRP was the best performing digital asset, it surprisingly rose by 25,000%, netting an all-time high value of $3.84 USD.

Despite the fact that XRP trades around $0.38, those who invested in the digital asset at the launch have a return on investment of 6,425.76%.

With the declining value of XRP, enthusiasts are still optimistic the value of the digital asset will skyrocket again.

One of the major excitements about Ripple’s XRP is the fact that it solves an important problem in the financial world. Another reason is that Ripple at the moment is working with regulatory bodies across the globe to bring about regulatory clarity, thereby improving the adoption of Cryptocurrencies in general.

Another thing mostly talked about is that XRP works with tremendous speed. XRP is 1000 times faster than Bitcoin, making big firms to see a reasons to make use of the digital asset in cross-border remittance.

Looking at the above, it may be very hard to discredit any predicted value of Ripple’s XRP.

Analyst Predict XRP will Reach $5-10 in the next 9 to 10 days, $1,200 as 2020 Price Limit

A popular analyst has weighed in on the future of Ripple’s XRP, claiming the digital asset would reach $5 to $10 in the next 10 days.

The crypto analysts by the name Bearable Bull said the cryptocurrency market will see a massive boom in general. He averred that the build up to the next bull run can be compared to the previous bull run.

Looking at the trend of the 2017/2018 bull run and comparing it with the buildup of 2019 bull run, one won’t doubt that XRP is few days away from the much anticipated massive bull run.

“You have 9 to 10 days to buy XRP before you’ll never be able to get it at these prices again”

He went down memory, claiming that on the 28 November 2018, there was a considerable XRP price spike. On Dec 11, XRP went up by 25 cent, having an exponential growth. This made the analyst to conclude that before May ends, XRP could witness a massive price boost.

XRP at $1200 by 2020

Bearable Bull said the limit that XRP can reach by the end of 2020 is $1200. He did not also doubt the possibility of XRP jumping to $1200 before this year ends.

His reasons are that XRP is going to be adopted by big commercial and Central Banks, and the digital asset would be adopted by IMF. Remember Ripple has been a close ally of IMF with the firm getting invitations from the Word Bank and regulators across the globe.

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