Ripple (XRP) SWELL 2018: Ripple Holds Meeting With Central Banks

Ripple (XRP) SWELL 2018 –San Fransisco based startup, Ripple, has announced Monday that a meeting was held with delegates of Central banks that attended SWELL 2018, pointing that at the meeting, Susan Athey, a Professor of Economics, praised the wonderful performances of Ripple blockchain technology.

The professor who researches at the School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, pinpointed that among the many blockchain projects, Ripple (XRP) stands out.

She said: “There are many blockchain projects that are interesting, but they aren’t sustainable businesses. Ripple stands out in its solution to real world problems. This is one of the projects seeing the broadest adoption.”

Ripple (XRP) SWELL 2018 Hosts Tech Bigwigs

At the moment, the Ripple SWELL 2018 is being held at San Francisco. Important personalities are expected at the event. The 42nd Present of America, Bill Clinton is expected to deliver the keynote speech.

Also, bigwigs in the technology industry are also expected at the event. Among them are Banco Santander Representative, Tokunboh Ishmael from Alitheia Capital, Honorable Sunil Sabharwal from the IMF, Colin Dinn from Siam Commercial Bank, Prajit Nanu from InstaReM, and R.J. Pittman, former Chief Product Officer of eBay.

Image Credit: Ripple Twitter.

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