Ripple XRP Isn’t Useless, It’s Working for Global Adoption of All Cryptocurrencies – Trader Tackles Tone Vays

Ripple XRP has not really experienced notable price upsurge this year, unlike the boom it experienced between 2017 and January 2018, when the digital currency attained its price hallmark – $3.84.

XRP had received a number of backlashes from some crypto big guns probably due to its use cases. The latest came from Tone Vays, a popular analyst, but was well tackled by Eric Dadoun, an early stage startup investor.

The present market situation has indeed affected almost all major cryptocurrencies in the crypto space, especially the top digital currencies.

In the last 24 hours, Ripple XRP has quite underperformed, compared to the growth of other top 5 digital currencies, but some pundits remain resolute that a significant price uptrend could be sudden.

Ripple, the Blockchain Tech working mutually with XRP, has a host of ground works, which would positively impact the growth of the digital currency.

A couple of days ago, the investment arm of Ripple made it known that the globally known Payment Company had invested about $500 million in more than 20 startups that are obliged to use XRP protocol, in order to enhance the substantial growth of the digital currency and its active community.

Ripple has indirectly exposed the entire crypto sphere to the capital institutions of the world, through its daily efforts to get the use cases of XRP to the attention of the global audience.

Some crypto experts have not stopped backlashing Ripple XRP. Their taunts could be based on its present slow growth in the market. They perpetually tag the third largest digital asset as centralised currency, due to its integration with many financial institutions in the world. While others argue that XRP is a security.

However, Ripple keeps its growth consistent with its latest strategic partnership with MoneyGram, the 2nd largest payment company in the world. The coloration, which would last for 2 years, reportedly cost the company $50 Million and promises to make use of the utilities of XRP in full scale.

This alone would be a boost to the adoption of cryptocurrency and its functionalities. So, it would be a great benefit for the crypto sphere if all could work firmly together for the unified course and goal, which is mainstream adoption.

Eric Dadoun Tackles Tone Vays Over His Seemingly Foul Comment about Ripple XRP Utilities

Eric Dadoun, an early stage startup investor, has given Tone Vays a well-constructed response over the ill comment he made about Ripple XRP utilities.

Tone Vays, in an interview on Bloxlive TV, revealed why he thinks XRP is useless, stressing that the teeming members of its community will soon realise this fact.

In response to Vays’ sentiment, Dadoun said instead of focusing on what is unnecessary, more attentions should be drawn to the best Ripple has done and still doing, in order to see that cryptocurrency is properly regulated and widely adopted.

Read his statement below:

“Instead of claiming XRP is a security (it isn’t) or that Ripple “printed” money (they didn’t) and complaining about “fair”, try focusing on the work these professionals are doing to advocate for a regulated and widely adopted crypto space.”

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