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Stellar Lumen Core V10.1.0: 3 New Developments Sure To Up XLM Game In The Market

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Stellar Lumen (XLM) is sure of retaining its position in the market (4th) or move higher owing to the series of developments the blockchain technology churned out into the space in the last few months. To make the blockchain network be in good condition, the development team behind the cryptographic project keeps updating and upgrading the core Stellar protocol.

After a recent one in August, Stellar foundation yesterday announced another core upgrade for the blockchain moving from V10.0.0 to V10.1.0.

As the present market situation seems to be challenging for most coins, Stellar lumen (XLM) is trying its best to remain indispensable, moving from the fifth position, up to the forth with an imminent aim of toppling Ethereum on the table to stay directly behind its twin – Ripple (XRP).

While the latest upgrade introduced new developments into the system of the blockchain network, many weighed in on the Core V10.1.0 upgrade as an important factor that can underpin the growth of the altcoin in the market.

3 Improvements In The Core V10.1.0 Upgrade That Will Up XLM Game In The Market

While Stellar, on the previous protocol – V10.0.0, faces issues like corrupt state when some buckets are deleted on startup, getting out of sync when replaying buffered ledgers, and more, the latest development will in the following ways enhance the activities of the blockchain network:

  1. The Core V10.1.0 is designed to help Stellar-core communicate better with the database and allow easy changing of code in the future.
  2. New command line introduced into the upgrade –disable-bucket-gc will permit disabling of bucket garbage collection, thereby preventing issues like corrupt state.
  3. The upgrade also consist of a new command line that offers flushing of the publish queue option.

With the above three benefits from the Core V10.1.0 Upgrade, Stellar Lumen blockchain network is tipped of better stability, thus helping its performance in the crypto space.

Based on the above, observers have opined that the cryptocurrency is likely to get more adoption in coming days, helping the price of the altcoin in the space in spite of the bear market situation.

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