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Stellar (XLM) Ecosystem Update For April 2019 Features Coinbase, IBM, Smartlands, Blockpark

The world 9th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Stellar (XLM), seems to trading comparably to stablecoin in the market with 0% added value in the last 24 hours as the world monitors the green-red ecosystem market.

It is clear that the days of every cryptographic project in the space are meaningfully connected with the magnitude of positive updates decorated around the coins. The memories of Stellar (XLM) in the last 30 days cannot be dusted into the debris as the altcoin pushed up with a number of intriguing developments.

In the month of March and April, Stellar made it to limelight with updates that featured Coinbase, IBM, Smartlands and BlockPark, among others.

Stellar (XLM), The Forbearer Of Coinbase’s Largest Airdrop  

On March 26, Stellar (XLM) quivered the crypto space with one billion Stellar Lumens (XLM) (circa $115 million) airdrop in partnership with Coinbase.

The challenge is still going on, and it only requires qualified users to watch videos created by the blockchain company, and you stand a chance of winning $50.

IBM Announces Global Payments System On Stellar (XLM) Network

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) recently launched a global payment system tagged ‘Blockchain World Wire’, for transfer of money around the world. A real-time payment means built on Stellar (XLM) blockchain network.

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According to IBM, the new financial rail is designed to clear and settle cross-border payments simultaneously in near real-time. The IBM Blockchain World Wire also offers affordable and transparent payment corridor that makes transaction desirable.

Stellar, in a report claimed its foundation, SDF, recently discussed with IBM blockchain Vice President, Jesse Lund, on the latest development.

Smartlands Gets Regulated, Tokenizes Student Dormitory

After receiving license from the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) through the acquisition of Shojin Financial Services Limited (SFS), Stellar based Smartlands announced the launch of its inaugural Security Token Offering (STO) with the tokenization of a student dormitory in the United Kingdom.

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The team behind the security token issuer, Smartlands, has also declared that it is working towards achieving the MTF license to allow secondary trading for present and future security issuances on the platform.

Blockpark Unveils Stellar-based Blok Tokens

At the early part of the month, Blockpark announced the launch of Stellar-based Blok Tokens, signifying a tokenized share of equity in an estate development in downtown Las Vegas. The property is mixed-use residential/commercial, and the Blok Token gives users right to dividends with its upcoming SaaS property management software.

BlockPark Technologies (BPT) is leading an approach to develop a decentralized software that manages property with dividend bearing securities called BLOK tokens.

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