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The Necessities of XRP on Pornhub, Google Play and Amazon

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The crypto sphere is not far from stooping the bullish race and when this becomes the case, Ripple’s token, XRP, will surely ride a bull with great contest. The early months of 2018 had seen all-round improvement in its fortunes and another cross-border product, xRapid, was added to bring up the rear in Ripple’s cross-border payment systems.

The crypto community is however watching with keen interest on how the coin will pull the strings in major platforms around the world. On the list are Amazon, Google Play and Pornhub. It might seem ironic to peg Ripple with the latter (Pornhub) when the likes of Tron (TRX) and Verge (XVG) had already formed merged with the adult entertainment site. Nevertheless, one cannot doubt the potency of the adult sites crowd in terms of adoption.

However, it is pertinent to note that it won’t be a bad idea if Ripple (XRP) have synergy with some of the platforms stated above, and the reason is not far-fetched from its cross-border transaction systems.  But what purpose will it serve in these platforms if the merger pulls off?

XRP and Faster Payments on Google Play

It is noteworthy that the three platforms in focus (Google Play, Amazon and Pornhub) offer services that are needed in conventional society. For instance, Amazon leads in the ecommerce industry while Google Play uses the built-in payment system in receiving payments for in-app purchases. So how do all these pull off on XRP integration?

Developers continue to release free and paid games on the platform, and the latter can only be accessed after payments are made. With Ripple’s coin, XRP, payments will be made faster on Google Play.

Normally, payment is received through the in-house payment system, Google Pay. Payment method on Google Pay is through Fiat currencies only, but with the recognition and acceptability digital currency is bagging around the world in recent time, there might be consideration for altcoins like Ripple (XRP).

Ripple (XRP): The Bank Connection

One of the reasons why Google’s payment service, Google Pay, will not have feet of clay in integrating Ripple’s XRP into its payment options is because more banks are willing to accept the cryptocurrency (XRP).

In this light, the platform will be sure that its fund can be accepted by banks directly, there might be reduction in influx of fiat currency payments with debit cards. Instead, crypto coins will be the next option and Google won’t want to be left out of the frenzy. In order for Google Pay to be one step ahead of other payment channels that still rely on traditional payment services, it is important to get hold of Ripple’s XRP as payment solution.

Ripple’s (XRP) Speed Matches Google’s

The search engine, Google, is popular for processing data within seconds and finding same service on Ripple (XRP) is impressive. The engine displays search results in less than thirty (30) seconds and the impressive speed would greatly match Ripple’s (XRP) 3 seconds transaction throughput.

MasterCard and Western Union Looks at the Bigger Picture

Google Pay will perhaps find it hard tossing away Ripple’s XRP as payment especially when the likes of MasterCard are showing interest in using the blockchain and cryptographic currencies for operations. On the other hand, Western Union and MoneyGram have found some of Ripple’s (XRP) products viable and are already test-running them.

Ripple (XRP) and Amazon is about to Happen

Away from Google Pay, XRP is also set to be used on one of the largest ecommerce platforms, Amazon. The beginning of Q2 of 2018 had seen rumors rife that Amazon might integrate Ripple (XRP) as payment later in the year. What roles can the coin play on the platform?

Many banks and platforms are already using Ripple (XRP) and it is possible that Amazon might join the league. The first reason is based on the fact that Amazon is looking for a currency that will be faster than traditional payments.

The ecommerce giant often sends payments to merchants after sales and during this time, the latter had been disgruntled with the duration (usually running into days) it takes before their payments get to them. With XRP, Amazon will not only send faster payments to merchants but will also receive payments from buyers in real-time.

XRP) Low Volatility Interests Amazon

Though confirmations are yet to be made with respect to XRP integration for payments on Amazon, the latter is seemingly impressed by the coin’s low volatility. Ripple’s (XRP) supply is ever-increasing and this is one of the reasons why it cannot be fully affected by market surges.

In the light of this, if Amazon eventually integrates Ripple (XRP), there will be stability in its price just as buyers won’t have to deal with fluctuating prices.

XRP will Extend Pornhub’s Reach

Pornhub had already accepted Verge (XVG) as the first cryptocurrency to be used for payments on the platform. It also later accepted Tron (TRX) and Horizen (ZEN). However, Ripple’s (XRP) is regarded as a cryptocurrency that the platform need to intergrate to better its services.

The adult entertainment industry is accessed from many countries and platforms like these that require payments to access specific contents; it seems herculean task for users that want to make their payments.

For instance, the currency of a user might not be listed and this leaves him unable to access the content. Cryptocurrencies have no barrier and are not sentimental about the people accessing it. Ripple (XRP) is one of such and this is one of the reasons Pornhub should integrate it sooner or later.

Though Verge (XVG) and Tron (TRX) is available on the platfrom, Ripple (XRP) stands better chance because of its international solutions that allows users from different regions make payments without hassles. To this end, Pornhub’s reach will be extended when Ripple (XRP) is listed on the platform as more adult content lovers will have seamless payments.

Unequivocal Necessity

Ripple has become popular among platforms that want faster transactions and to this end, is already mainstream in fiat enterprises.

The likes of Google Pay, Amazon and Pornhub mergers with the cryptocurrency is a much a awaited news. When the kite flies, Ripple (XRP) will by integration on these platforms, tucked away yet another case into its kitty.

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