Trecento Blockchain Capital Integrates Bancor (BNT) Protocol

In its bid to heighten liquidity of investors in TOT Tokens (ERC-20), Trecento Blockchain Capital has deemed it necessary to integrate Bancor (BNT) Protocol.

Liquidity has been a much debated issue in the cryptocurrency space, especially during the issuance of new tokens. The idea is to purposely serve as a guard against market fluctuation.

The integration is to give TOT HODLers the avenue to gain access to continuous liquidity, without putting emphasize on the trade exchange listings or trade volume.

Bancor Network makes it easy for any token integrated on its platform to achieve automatic conversion to available tokens on the platform. This is achieved using Web3 or Bancor Wallet.

Also, TOT Token will receive boost by being integrated on prominent exchanges as an added advantage.

In the same vein, Trecento Blockchain Capital will enable a Relay Token, which will serve as a quota of its circulating token supply that will be sufficient to guarantee liquidity at least in a range of a week after the token sale is successfully completed.

Around June, Bancor Network decentralized exchange was down for a day after an invasion reap a smart contract.

When it returned, the exchange reached a 24 hour trading volume of $2.5 million according to CoinMarketCap.

Bancor Exchange Signs Listing Agreement List Crypto Casino Coins

Few days back, Bancor Exchange announced it is listing the crypto casino coins. This may be due to the sudden rise of these cryptocoins in recent time.

With Bancor protocol, smart tokens are changed to other tokens available on their platform using the Bancor Formular which enhances conversion after thorough calculation.

With the listing, crypto casino coins will receive massive popularity, adoption, and serve as a revolution for blockchain casinos on the internet.

How Exchanges Can Heighten Crypto Adoption

With flexible exchange ideas like that of Bancor, there can be increased cryptocurrency adoption.

When coins are converted easily and cheaply, people tend to be more relaxed without fearing volatility the moment they understand their funds can be converted to the desired currency at any point in time.

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